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  1. That's a good plan - I'll l that's a good plan - thank you! What sort of cost range should I be looking at to get something reliable?
  2. Right... I like my coffee machines, and I spend a lot of time researching and looking and considering and thinking, but it's almost always with my own usage in mind, rather than anyone else's. But I want to get my mum a new machine - she has had the same basic nespresso machine for years - a costco budget classic, and she loves it, but it's reaching the end of the line. She essentially likes coffee-flavoured milk drinks, rather than espresso or longer coffees - I say that because she finds even a flat white too strong. But the main think she misses is the ability to steam milk. My dad doe
  3. I use a fellow stagg stovetop - I've got 2 actually, the bigger one for home, and the mini one for in the campervan - i always fill it with what I'm going to use for the brew, so the cooling down doesn't really affect me...
  4. I know I'm a heathen for still using my 53mm Sage Barista Express, but does anyone do a 53mm dosing cup? I've got a portafilter ring, but the purist in me doesn't like that it won't fit in the holder any more, so a dosing cup would be a good answer...
  5. How much coffee does the 1.2l hold? This sort of info never seems to be clear on coffee canisters - i'd love one of the companies to say "this will hold 500g/1lb" etc... as I have no concept of how much 1l of coffee is...
  6. So I drip it into a insulated carafe, and it keeps me going for the morning - 500ml is just 2 cups really... Definitely couldn't take that all in one hit!
  7. I've been using the v60 switch since Christmas - absolutely loving it. Been doing a bastard hybrid of immersion and percolation for a my bigger brews - 30g coffee to 250ml water left to steep for 5 mins, then open the valve, and add another 250ml water through, been getting a really lovely cup...
  8. Sounds like a great idea - would be good to organise, and happy to film if required - i guess the really nice, fair way to do it (post restrictions) would be to bring together 4 or 5 existing owners and their machines, as you say, into one location, and get them each to pull shots and compare and contrast between them - it would be a great learning opportunity for them, and would give some great insight into the ownership and running of these machines... throw a decent barista/barista trainer into the mix to give feedback/tips etc, and you've got the making of a great day, and a great video!
  9. Great to see another youtuber on here - love the video, and a lovely set of shiny new toys!
  10. I did a brief review of their stuff on the Youtubes during lockdown - we'd planned to visit them, but timings just didn't work out - they make great coffee, and Tom, the roaster, is a genuinely lovely guy!
  11. for my own 2 cents, I've had my barista express for 3 years, and it's never had any problems - There clearly are those out there with issues, but then, almost all machines have bad examples if you look for them. It's simple to use and get running, and with further time and effort, you can get a very decent shot of espresso out of it, for the money. I know that I will upgrade at some point, but it's been a brilliant introduction to coffee, and it would keep me going for a long time if i didn't suffer from upgrade-itis...
  12. I think, essentially, you just need to take the channel for what it's worth - as has been said before, he won't use things the way you will, but it's interesting to see how he uses them. I often see it the same way as i look at review on amazon - I look at the 1 star reviews, and see what their issues are with it. If these are things that would bother me, I avoid. If these are silly things from stupid people, i tend to think it should be ok - Same with him - if his issues with products are things that won't annoy me, then it's all good. more generally, i find the youtube thing fascinating
  13. I've been watching this guy on youtube for a while now, and whilst it may not quite fit in with the concept of a cheap kitchen knife from the time taken to make it, i thought this was an interesting way to make your own unique, cheap kitchen knife:
  14. Am hoping someone would be kind enough to send the code to me? Pretty Please with a peaberry on top?
  15. Hi @Rob1 - thank you! for the brews - i ground one batch, then mixed and split the grinds between the two brewers - not sure that was clear in the sped up footage of me doing that. and that's a really interesting point about the taste of distilled water - I hadn't thought about it that way, perhaps I just don't like the taste of my own mouth... I feel bad for my wife now!
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