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  1. Am hoping someone would be kind enough to send the code to me? Pretty Please with a peaberry on top?
  2. Hi @Rob1 - thank you! for the brews - i ground one batch, then mixed and split the grinds between the two brewers - not sure that was clear in the sped up footage of me doing that. and that's a really interesting point about the taste of distilled water - I hadn't thought about it that way, perhaps I just don't like the taste of my own mouth... I feel bad for my wife now!
  3. thanks @ArisPfor your feedback - and yep, i take all the video stuff on board - problem is that when i'm filming commercially I'm behind the lens, so far easier to control all that sort of stuff, and generally the studios i use are less echoey than my kitchen! ? Glad the point i was trying to make mostly came across well!
  4. thanks @MWJB, there's some good points there - I'll take a look into the Zerowater - and I'll get a testing kit for the tap water, would be fascinated to know for other uses in the house too.
  5. Slightly scared to reply to this topic now, but I just made my own video doing a straightforward taste test between tap water and RO water with added Mg and Ca, as per James' video... I have to confess that I like coffee more than I know about it, but i would genuinely appreciate any constructive feedback to the video... Also, @joey24dirt's tamper gets a brief feature!
  6. Not specifically a coffee place, and slightly uncertain of their breakfast status, but Surfside in Polzeath makes a damn fine cup of coffee. And good food too. Co-owned by Tristan Stephenson, so they should know their stuff...
  7. Sorry fella, i meant to respond on insta - You're welcome to mine... I'll DM you.
  8. £50 can buy a lot of coffee and a lot of papers. my drive behind it is for my campervan; I currently have a hario 01, and a stock of papers, and although I'm good at keeping them stocked up, it's just another thing on the list to remember to check before any trip... metallic taste and potentially fines getting through and sludgy were my main thoughts too. Thank you for your comment!
  9. I saw this at the coffee show earlier in the year, and was intrigued: https://www.hario.co.uk/collections/coffee/products/v60-metal-filter-dripper-02 - I've tried searching the forum and the interwebs generally, but can't find much information on it - mostly because when you search Hario metal filters, it either comes up with 3rd party metal filters, or the metal filter holders... Anyone got any thoughts on it?
  10. I enjoyed it too, i promise, was just wondering. feel bad that it sounded like I was complaining now...
  11. I may have missed this, and i promise i did take a long look through here to see if i was being daft, but i liked the older "new posts" style, where you could see what threads had been added to - now all i see is every new post, which in the case of the latest "busy little men" thread meant 3 pages of updated photographs... They're all great photos, but is there a way to bunch these together that I'm missing?
  12. the motta tool is great, but not immediately obviously adjustable - when i got mine, i had the same worries, until i realised you could screw the parts together - you just had to exert a fair amount of force to get this to happen! (which makes sense, cos if it was loose it'd happen too often...)
  13. Yes Please. And the tamper we discussed? It won't make me popular in the house, but it'll make me a happy boy...
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