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  1. Smith


    Thanks buddy
  2. Smith


    Can anyone tell me whats the best espresso machine on the cheaper end that's for espresso only? I m an espresso lover and which one is best Mr. coffee cafe barista or delonghi ec155 ?
  3. Long story short, I have a half used bag of whole coffee beans. Yesterday I happened to check the date, it said "Enjoy by March 1." Other than the potential loss of flavor, how long should this coffee be good for. Note: it's at room temperature.
  4. Not sure, If anyone else knows what I am talking about...but for whatever reason it seems like every fancy restaurant I've been to has good coffee, but a very different cup of coffee from anything I've made at home or got at a cafe.I'm thinking of that super smooth, low acidity, slightly sweet cup. Contrasted with a pourover or even a big batch brew at a specialty shop it doesn't have the same level of complexity -- but it is extremely drinkable. Are they sneaking in some other ingredient to smooth out the coffee, or are they doing something weird while brewing? Does anyone else know what I'm talking about, or am I just crazy?
  5. Welcome to this group. Best of luck with Gaggia Classic .
  6. Smith


    Can anyone tell me what is the best water for coffee? It's confusing.
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