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  1. Would this evening be ok to come and view?
  2. Very interested (Thanks Darren for replying on my behalf) when would be best to view the machine and is it boxed etc? Regards mike
  3. Any plans to travel south at any point?
  4. The thought of researching what machine is best for me is starting to drive me slightly crazy! I’m proud enough to admit I’m a novice and hearing everyone’s opinions about what machine is best and what I need to know is overwhelming! At the London coffee festival I saw the above machine which does what I need and it’s dimensions fit the area in my kitchen perfectly but the price tag £3,000+ is a little too much for me but I’m almost thinking of getting it just so I have a machine! Anyone else had any problems or thoughts on this machine?
  5. What are the dimensions?
  6. If ever you fancy another race dude I’m all up for it! Great profile pic by the way
  7. The fact you have called me a youth has automatically made you my favourite person in this forum!
  8. Thanks! Glad I can pick up a grinder for that price! Tried the La Marzocco mini yesterday at the London coffee festival and that was perfect but at £3,600 a tad too much!
  9. Thanks for the welcome! I was looking for new but would definitely accept used depending on what it is and price obviously! MY budget is around the £1000-£1500 but I think the London Coffee festival has messed my head about a bit with what’s expensive and what isn’t! Hopefully I’ll get enough posts soon to check out the used machines thread!
  10. Anyone on here love OCR? My weekends are spent at Tough Mudder, Spartan and the like and wondered if any members on here attend any of these races? Could even meet for a pre of post race caffeine hit!
  11. Hi guys and gals! Still getting use to this forum and will hopefully be posting a lot more once I’ve got the hang of from etiquette! I’m located in Colchester, Essex, so if anyone has any good recommendations from near there I’m always up for trying somewhere new to try coffee from! I’ll hopefully be purchasing a new machine in the near future so any recommendations there will be gratefully received!
  12. I’m currently reading anything by peter James at the money - would highly recommend his Detective series featuring Roy Grace - my fave book ever is the 1st in the series ‘Dead Simple’
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