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  1. Here is the roaster: I believe it is quite similar to the North roasters. Thanks for the thorough response Hasi. I guess that I am just slightly confused, as even after TP, BT is lower and then becomes higher than ET - in all readings/examples etc., it seems that ET is quite a bit higher than BT and then during the roast that gap is lowered.
  2. Hi, So I have question about my ET and BT probes - as you can see in the photo, they have very similar readings. The ET probe is located at the start of the exhaust pipe, and BT in well, the beans. So I've been struggling with why then, they are so similar. Could it be because my BT probe is not correctly placed? But why then, does the ET take the same initial plunge as the BT? Do you have any thoughts, or I am reading too much into this and should I just work with what I got? Cheers, - Karlsen
  3. Good evening! I recently bought a used Fracino cherub, upgrading from my Silvia. Now I have two (probably very basic) questions, that I haven't been able to find an answer for: 1. I knew the machine would need a descale, as the previous owner had not taken great care of it. So I descaled it - but how can I know if it is 'enough'? Is there a way to see, or know, whether I need to descale some more or not? 2. Could be related with 1., but I have no idea. When I pull water through the group (without the portafilter) and then stop, I get water coming through the solenoid valve. Should this be happening? Hope you can enlighten me! - Karlsen
  4. Thanks for all the input - I ended up purchasing this roaster, and I just set it up and did a few test roast. I believe I will be quite happy with this roaster! However, I am, of course, having trouble hooking it up to Artisan.. This is my first encounter with Artisan and I can't really find any online help/guides to help me move on. All the previous owner gave me to go on, is that it uses Modbus (It worked for him but I believe someone else set it up for him). Is there a way to identify which unit it is using, and how I then should configure it in Artisan? I am completely working blind here, so any point in the right direction is greatly appreciated! - Mr. Karlsen
  5. I have yet to do any mixing of the various beverage types (and the rum is, at the most extreme, mixed with an ice cube). Unfortunately, I was not allowed to have a coffee wall, a wine wall and a rum wall - so this will have to do! The countertop-unit (actually just 2 of the same units), are pretty cheap from ikea - but I enjoy the look of them, and the size was perfect.
  6. Thanks for the input. Gas will most likely be viable, although I still have to research venting regulation.. The amazon seems a bit more expensive (about £1k more), but I will look into it a bit more! Im struggling a bit, to figure out what the north would cost as new. I can only really find it on alibaba, and some of them look very similar but I have no clue which are 'real', and I am probably a bit hesitant buying from there.. I guess I just want to make sure that I don't pay too much, for a not-thaat-great machine.
  7. Thank you Dave! I think he is looking to get £2500-3000 for it. I am not sure if that is reasonable, or I am leaning a bit more towards the bullet which is in that price class.
  8. Hi all, There is this roaster for sale in my area, and I might be interested in it. However, the owner doesn't know which brand of roaster it is - so here I am hoping one of you guys could help me out. If you know which roaster this is, if it's any good and perhaps what would be a fair price. Cheers - Mr Karlsen
  9. My wall got an upgrade! I'm still working on the proper placement of all the stuff, but it is quite amazing to have a large dedicated coffee space (and pretty stoked my girlfriend let me do this).
  10. I thought I would give an update as I have done a lot more roasting over the past weeks. I'd been roasting 3 different coffees, but still had huge problems with scorching and being unable to identify 1st crack. Recently, I tried to go back and try an approach, which was also suggested in this thread (when I had tried it earlier on, I wasn't quite successful). I wanted to try the approach where I kind of dry out the beans at a lower temp for some time. So I let the temp rise quickly to about 140ish, and then turned on the dimmer and tried to keep the temp around 150c until I hit minute 6 (from start of the roast). Then switched the dimmer off, until I reached 1st crack and then turned the dimmer on again and set the wattage to around 1050w, until I ended the roast. It turned out that this approach was highly successful for me. The beans got A LOT less scorching, developed much more evenly and I am now also able to identify 1st crack much more clearly (this might be due to more roasting experience though). It has improved the taste of my coffee, as I now don't either burn, underdevelop or bake my coffee as much. So, thanks for all the input in this thread. I feel I have taken my roasting game one tiny step forward.
  11. It does help a little, heh, I just need to keep at it then! Try some things out and will try some other beans too. Won't be able to roast again before the weekend, but will give an update when I have news. But yeah, still got problems hearing first crack. Sometimes hearing a few loud cracks which I assume is the start, and then I do hear a little bit after - but I think it is difficult to determine whether it is the cracks or not and for how long it goes on etc.
  12. No pre-heating, I cool in Gene down to 100c and cool down externally until beans are not hot. Beans are really only in the drum, when the machine is running.
  13. I will give this a go. Sometime next week, I should receive some new greens and then I will see how they behave!
  14. Hey Rob, thanks again for all the input - really helps a lot. Very good point about the steady temp. Something to think about there. I think one of my (other) main issues besides the burning, is that I really struggle hearing first crack. I seem to only be able to hear it, when I roast up to about 230c and then I may only hear like 5 loud single cracks. I've been using a tube, placed either on the exhaust or closer to the drum and it does not help me at all.. Of course this limits me greatly, as then I am really just roasting based on the color and that does me no good at the moment. Here are some more pics, of one of the roast I did 2 days ago - I just cupped these and this roasted tasted the 'best'. But still has quite a lot of a charry taste to it.
  15. There seems to be no problem with the chaff clearer, not a lot of build up there. There does seem to be some immatures amongst the beans, but I am not that great of a judge. I've now tried also roasting different batch sizes, 230g, 200g and it makes no difference on the appearance at all. Wattage is around 1270 when dimmer is off. And I bring it down to around 1150 to keep the temp steady. If my roasts hit 230c max, or 220c max seems to make no difference on the burning/schorching issue.
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