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  1. I would do a pop up socket arrangement. They can be dropped back down with the appliances plugged in but means you don't need to clamber under a cupboard every time you want too turn it off. Also if you move the machine you don't have a pointless hole.
  2. Europe has the same voltage as UK at 230v so just use a new lead
  3. It's a heat sink so does not actually go into the water just the wall of the boiler, I filled it up with paste as the paste is to conduct the heat to the thermocouple as far as I believe
  4. I have done the same to my gaggia, though I chose to drill through a 4mm bolt and solder the thermocouple together again( I Know it should be welded) I found it makes a big difference and even with out steam control my steam is a lot better as I worked out the best temp to start steaming at that means the steam heater will stay on nearly through any sized pitcher.
  5. I would be putting it higher than 9 as that is the static pressure and not what you will get when pouring a shot. Think the conceived wisdom is a static reading of 10 will give you 9 bar while pouring a shot Also I found it easier to get a reading if you fill the pressure gauge and portafilter up with water before attaching and release and re-attach it before retesting this stopped my needle moving as much. Less trapped air I suppose
  6. You can buy single spouts for not much money then you just have to change them over
  7. Lol I hate to think what you thought I meant to do with the screwdriver. You pass it through the hole in the spout it should be a nice tight fit thus giving you good purchase to unscrew the spouts no chance of damaging the surface or squashing the spouts
  8. Just go for the screwdriver and brute force and ignorance Worked for me
  9. It might sound simple but can you not just get a new hole cored in the wall to install a vent to the street. Where does your ventilation go just now
  10. Switch the live feed, only time you should be switching a neutral feed is when it is at same time as live, ie a double pole switch
  11. They are a green tea wrapped around Jasmine or other flowerings tea cream supplies have them
  12. Where did you get it from always looking for good local roasters
  13. Also not the cheapest place to get it from either, BTW lot of places cheaper for it including myespresso by over a hundred quid (with there bad service record which I have only bought one thing off but had no problems)
  14. Easiest option is to buy a plug from maplins. Plug it in connect to your lights and it's done. If you want them to come on and off with the machine or different ones to come on when you flick the brew switch you are really going to need 240v rated ones. to make your life easy Edit now depending on when you want them to come on. What are the output voltages on your PID like as this might be a option
  15. You do know fuzzy logic is really the same as auto tune when we are talking about for this function. A auto tune will heat up the boiler let it cool calculate the time taken to cool and to re-heat. Work out when to turn off heater so temp does not overshoot and at what intervals to turn heater off and on to maintain a set temperature. I am really intrigued to how the pre infusion works on the PID though does it pulse the pump on and off to reduce pressure or does it limit the voltage to the pump
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