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  1. Good morning, The new forum looks slick (will take some time to get used to it) I got an error message when I tried to login from the usual top right link Then I clicked try again which took me at a login page which worked (Using Safari Version 12.1 (14607. )
  2. I just received the same shower screen but I have another issue (maybe) As you can see from the pics, the shower is slightly bent (hard to take a photo of it but I tried) and the hole is a little bit off centre. Is this normal? I thought that IMS precision screens are made with ...well... precision P.S. - I might just be getting paranoid about it being perfect. P.S. 2 - I didn't want to start another thread because for a similar issue
  3. I've been playing around with the steam knob "hack" and after around a week of experimenting I noticed that I get the best results with the following technique: 1. Warm up the machine for around 10 mins or more (obvious step ) 2. Open/turn the steam knob around 110° degrees and let any built up steam escape 3. Turn on the brew switch and start closing the steam knob slowly for about 6-7 secs 4. Enjoy P.S. It might be my imagination but my tastebuds can taste a difference
  4. Thanks for the info Question, is it a bit too much to backflush every day (just water)?
  5. I have the above and I can confirm that it fit's perfectly
  6. I can also recommend Lavazza Oro if you run out and you need something quickly
  7. Hi all! I'm Naio from Bristol and I'm pretty passionate about coffee (as everyone in here ) I have 2 basic set ups (home and work), one consisted of a Gaggia Classic paired with a Macap MC7 (home) and the other of a Gaggia Coffee Deluxe and a Casadio Theo 64 (work). I love tasting coffee from as many cafes as possible but I have a soft spot for a local cafe in Bristol, Full Court Press.
  8. naio

    UK Based Roasters

    I've been using Thomsons Coffee roasters for a while without any issues
  9. I second Harts Bakery, It's the best around Temple Meads. Also make sure to get some of their amazing sourdough bread
  10. Thanks for sharing this amazing on-boarding bible
  11. I finally registered after around 5 years of lurking
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