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  1. I've upgraded so I'm offering my 2009 Rancilio Silvia and Rocky (Non-Doser) for sale. The Silvia chassis has no rust, I know because I stripped it down and sent it off to the powder coaters for sandblasting and powder coating in 2019. Whilst it was in peices I opened up the boiler for a complete de-scale and insulated it on re-installation. The Rocky Grinder got a new set of burrs at the same time. I can't find the hoop you sit the portafilter on when grinding, I always just collected grinds in a plastic dish and spooned them into the portafilter. (I'll keep looking though, it may turn up). I installed a MeCoffee PID in April 2019. After the usual horror stories of MeCoffee it works fine now and helped me develop my brewing skills. There is a slight leak on the steam wand but nothing a £5 servicing kit wouldn't resolve. Included are a bottomless portafilter, single and double baskets for the Rancilio portafilter, spring loaded tamper, spare gasket and shower screen and a pressure gauge for adjusting the brew pressure. Also a set of 6 Espresso cups and saucers that came with the Silvia and I've only just unboxed for these photos. I have the original box for the Silvia (And receipt, gulp I was organised) not for the Rocky though. I'd much prefer collection as I don't trust couriers and it's heavy so probably expensive. Happy to send more photos if you need them and demonstrate it, in all it's glory, on collection. I'm based in Chorley, Lancashire. Looking for £300 for the lot.
  2. Thanks to David at Black Cat Coffee for help and advise on my upgrade journey. I am now the proud owner of an Alex Duetto IV Plus and a Eureka Mignon Specialita. An upgrade on my Rancilio equipment. David took time to talk me through my options and once I'd made my choices kept me up to date throughout the delivery process. Also included a couple of bags of beans to get me started on the next stage of my espresso evolution. Thanks David, excellent service and lovely coffee. 🙂
  3. Thanks for all your suggestions. Thanks especially to @BlackCatCoffee for the phone conversations. I shifted the goalposts slightly and adjusted my budget and decided to go for a combination of: Izzo Alex Duetto IV Plus Eureka Mignon Specialita 55mm flat grinder Here's to hours of playing, honing my skills. When I've cleaned it up and dug the original box out of the attic I'll be sticking my Silvia and Rocky in the for sale section.
  4. I was smitten by the Londinium, right up until I saw the price. 🙂 I was hoping for a little confirmation bias that I'm doing the right thing by avoiding a lever machine.
  5. I've arrived at the same shortlist. The budget doesn't include anything I recoup for the Silvia (I spelled it correctly this time). I'm a little nervous of joining the cult of the lever.
  6. I have had a Rancilio Sylvia and Rancilio Rocky grinder for about 10 years now. I added a MeCoffee PID in 2019. Once I got it working it improved life. I'm now ready to upgrade. I'm torn between a dual boiler, PID controlled machine or joining the cult of the Lever. Budget of around £1500. To include new grinder if the Rocky isn't suitable. Which machines do you recommend? I'll then be looking to sell on the PID'd Sylvia, what would be a reasonable sell proce for such a beast? Cheers.
  7. I did similar in the Summer when Silvia was dismantled. I kept mine black and the finish is much better than the original. Mine also cost £20 at local powder coater.
  8. Sorry tvanarnhem I don't use the pressure profiling so can't help. ?
  9. For another DIY approach there is always itoCOFFEE. https://www.softwareandcircuits.com/division/circuits/onlineshop/articles/ito/schedule.html This will be my backup if meCoffee dies.
  10. OMG, 40's is middle aged. Does that mean I'm a dinosaur in my mid 50's? :-)
  11. I'm new around here so this may well be old news to the long term members. I came across a great little video of how a vibrating pump works. Now I know why it is so noisy. Going to look at sound proofing my Silvia now.
  12. I vote for sherry trifle too. The cheaper the sherry the better the trifle.
  13. I seem to be improving. Grinding finer and making sure there are no clumps. Also a quick pre-infusion seems to help. Every day is a school day. :-)
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