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  1. I did similar in the Summer when Silvia was dismantled. I kept mine black and the finish is much better than the original. Mine also cost £20 at local powder coater.
  2. Sorry tvanarnhem I don't use the pressure profiling so can't help. 😕
  3. For another DIY approach there is always itoCOFFEE. https://www.softwareandcircuits.com/division/circuits/onlineshop/articles/ito/schedule.html This will be my backup if meCoffee dies.
  4. OMG, 40's is middle aged. Does that mean I'm a dinosaur in my mid 50's? :-)
  5. I'm new around here so this may well be old news to the long term members. I came across a great little video of how a vibrating pump works. Now I know why it is so noisy. Going to look at sound proofing my Silvia now.
  6. I vote for sherry trifle too. The cheaper the sherry the better the trifle.
  7. I seem to be improving. Grinding finer and making sure there are no clumps. Also a quick pre-infusion seems to help. Every day is a school day. :-)
  8. Got it working. Seems to be OK. Instructions are shite and contradictory in places. Bluetooth wont connect to phone but works with tablet so able to configure it. Now I can start experimenting with preinfusion and the like. What temps are you guys setting them too? Sticking with default or tweaking?
  9. Another vote for the Grindenstein. I have it sitting on a neoprene coaster to stop it sliding on the glossy worktop.
  10. I thought I was doing OK. I'll persevere. Thanks for the pointers.
  11. Morning All, An update on my mecoffee. I managed to get some free time in the lab at work yesterday and got the circuit board under some decent magnification. Found a few rubbish solder joints so fixed them. Device now powers up and talks to my phone. I'll try fitting it this weekend. If it works I'll cancel the cashback process via the bank. Would never have found the poor quality soldering without a bloody expensive bit of kit I fortunately have occasional access to. Hopefully I'll have a working PID this weekend.
  12. I've invested in a naked portafilter but a little bit disappointed as it initially sprays coffee before it starts to amalgamate and flow. Too messy for me, going back to a single spout.
  13. I have one of these and really like it. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Collapsible-Silicone-Reusable-Portable-AniSqui/dp/B07DDDTKKX/ref=sr_1_7?crid=TJRC9CKPV9JI&keywords=reusable+coffee+cup&qid=1556187362&s=gateway&sprefix=reusable+coffee%2Caps%2C292&sr=8-7
  14. After repeated attempts to engage with Jan for a replacement for the none functioning PID he sent I'm now forced to go down the chargeback route with the bank. Hopefully I will at least get my money back.
  15. Hello Carlo. No I'm not following a guide but I do have the wiring diagram and a lot of experience. I'm making new cables as I go with heat resistant insulation as the exisiting ones are starting to show their age. Also like Ashroc says lots of photos along the way.
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