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  1. https://www.smh.com.au/national/international-scientific-study-says-your-barista-is-making-your-coffee-all-wrong-20200122-p53trn.html The original SMH newspaper (sorry, I should have been clearer) article.. god shots and profanities included.
  2. csrti946

    Puck crater

    What is that faint ring around the outside edge of the puck? I have just started getting that on my Gaggia, which still has the factory fitted dispersion plate and screen, and it coincides with a rapidly flowing shots with spritzes.
  3. I just received a Blind Shaker in the post (well a £15 knock off), and it does pretty well at removing the clumps. I was trying the shake method with the plastic container that comes with the SGP, but it was still clumping. I think that the static is being discharged into the aluminium of the blind shaker, while the plastic was retaining the charge.
  4. Consistency seems to be a key point in the authors' efforts. As the SMH article goes, the barista was after god shots and he clearly thought that the 6 bars of pressure had a positive effect. I have two Gaggia classics, one isn't currently working, but I think I dial its pressure down to 6 bar and do some experiments.. That is, once I get it running again.
  5. Seems to be fairly bean independent. Well, to reflect a little, I felt I got less when I was grinding 100 % Espresso beans (Butterworth & Sons) back in the UK last year, but then I was grinding at a higher range of 12-9. I am currently getting by on supermarket beans and am grinding down at 7-4. So, it could be the finer grind? Or just an effect of older supermarket beans?
  6. Hi all, I am new to this game, so maybe this is normal, but it seems to me that my grinder produces some mighty clumps. I have no frame of reference, well, only to the lovely grinds spilling out of more expensive machines in Barista vlogs. Anyone else seeing this with their SGP? I distribute before tamping, usually with the magical bent paper clip, but the clumping is such that it is a major source of shot variability. I would like to hear if anyone has some opinions on other distribution methods. Pre and post distribution photos attached. The beans were stored in a sealed canister in the fridge and weighed out just prior to grinding. Room temperature beans give similar results.
  7. Thanks for the tips. At best I will able to check my distribution and tamping by picking apart the puck!
  8. Sorry, you are right that it is not clear. What I am really after is how much variation can be expected in a second espresso shot, which is made relatively quickly after the first? I spend a lot of time trying to get everything consistent and measurable, but I feel that on the second shot that might all be in vain.
  9. Sorry that was a typo, I have edited it to correct it. I meant to say "going over the top"
  10. Hi all, I have an minimally modified Gaggia Classic (2007 ish). I am still striving for espresso perfection. I prewarm the machine for >20 mins and then almost always make two coffees back to back (ca 5 mins apart; I have to keep the OH happy). I am recording and noting every possible variable for both shots, but am I going over the top for the second shot. From what I have read the temperature on the second shot will be all over the place, if that is right, what's the point? Would a PID improve the consistency of the second shot? Shot data: Bean type, roast, age, storage condition, Bean weight into grinder, Grind setting Bean weight out of grinder Distribution method Tamp force (subjective) Yield Time Crema Taste...
  11. And that morning he had got up early and not had any coffee.

    He was a cranky donkey

  12. It turned out it was just that batch of beans. False alarm. ???
  13. That seems to be the lower end of the going prices (euro 90-140) for a second hand Mazzer SJ here in the south of France. There were three on the Leboncoin for similar prices just after Christmas. The guy I brought if from was a coffee rep for one of the big torrefacteurs here. He does some business on the side reselling unused cafe equipment that he picks up from his customers.
  14. I will eventually give it a good clean. I am in the process of moving up to Grenoble. So, it might have to wait a bit. Is there a maintenance guide somewhere on the forums?
  15. Thanks for the advice. Both it and the dispersion plate are clean. I was about to buy a bronze dispersion plate, but the user reviews on the vender's website put me off: 3 out 5 stars. I am guessing that it mainly increases the thermal stability of the classic?
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