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  1. 1. Yes Meross smart plug works well for me 2. Yes the mod works well if a bit fiddly to install. You need strong fingers and determination. 3. Yes, but buy a right angled moulded lead rather than illustrated adaptor. I did this.
  2. I’ve passed on the machine to my son who uses it everyday. It’s still working fine.
  3. When I had a Rancilio Silvia, I bought a generic bottomless portafilter. No matter what I tried, coffee spurted out of the gasket area. I learned subsequently that Rancilio portafilters are slightly different in either the positioning of the lugs, or the steepness of the lug ramp angle. I sent the aftermarket one back and bought a Rancilio portafilter and had no subsequent problem with leakage.
  4. Alas, I also have fallen foul of Coffee Box. (Ordered a Motta milk jug without doing due diligence). Poor comms. No phone number. Vague promises to reply to emails within 48 hours. Money taken but product not in stock. Refund offered but yet to arrive in my PayPal account. How do they survive?
  5. Since getting my Motta, (not inexpensive) and adjusting it so that its full weight lies on the puck, I no longer bother tamping. I find it is adequate for my needs. Nicely machined bit of kit. Yes, a few grounds stick to it. I use a pastry brush to get that off.
  6. Forum Admin. This is now sold. Thank you everyone for your interest.
  7. Thank you for your offer. Come up to £640 all in and it’s a deal.
  8. Thank you for your interest Allan.
  9. No worries, I’ve typed in a notional DA15 8NR, and Parcelforce 48 hr delivery is as near £40 as makes no difference, and that’s with me physically delivering it to my local Post Office. I have also typed in a more northerly postcode, and the price is the same. I hope this is helpful.
  10. Thank you for your interest. Parcelforce requires a full postcode in order to access the quote. if you are reluctant, I understand. Are we allowed to DM this information or do we contravene the rules here?
  11. I am not an early adopter myself either, but having bought the Mara PL62 after reading DavecUK’s recommendation and his input into the development phase, and having been suitably impressed with the machine’s build quality and coffee, I decided to upgrade after following the MaraX’s development. I have not been disappointed! The dimensions suit its niche in my kitchen, and the added ease of filling of the MaraX with the limited headroom under the cupboards makes it more user friendly. I’m tempted to say they are different machines to use, the X being easier for my relatively undemanding needs.
  12. Respectfully submit you try Google?
  13. Face to face delivery although desirable is wholly impractical. Carlisle is a 6-7 hour drive, Berwick is slightly longer, both one way!! Got to be a courier taking 3-4 working days, maybe 5.
  14. Nothing ever happens quickly here. Either charming or infuriating depending on how manic/laid back you are. All parcels go to Inverness by various local couriers and then the major players take over. No such thing as next day delivery😂. I’m contacting a couple of carriers.
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