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  1. Just a heads-up... The Oro blend from Lavazza is on offer in Tesco. I must say that among all the supermarket brands I have tried so far, this is the most superior one. It is just sweet and inviting like nectar with just the hint of sophisticated acidity and a superlative finish. I can't say anything more. Normally costs a pricey £5 but now £3. I thought I will share this here.
  2. Hi, It was great to meet such knowledgeable coffee aficionados. Special thanks to Dave for the invite. Thank you Patrick, Glenn, Jim, Rob, the kind Rave coffee staff... You guys make such superlative coffee that I have come back realising that my espressos are still below par, or average at best. I was gravitating towards levers... but after today, I am in love with lever machines. Thanks again. Londinium with ZM is a divine combination!
  3. Sent you a PM. Look forward to it. Thanks.
  4. Hi Everyone! My wife and I were not that much into coffee 11 years ago. My wife mostly drank tea, I would say about 95% of the time, and only had coffee at MacDonalds or the Subway. I did not even do that. I was not much into hot drinks at all!! One of our wedding gifts ten years ago was a drip coffee maker. So we bought some freshly ground coffee and tried it. It was bitter and strong, but we enjoyed having a common activity and drink. So to commemorate a common interest, we bought ourselves a DeLonghi bean to cup. So I started buying raw coffee beans and would toast or roast them using
  5. My wife and I have a coffee just before going to bed. Not kidding. Moreover, we fall asleep straight away and have a good deep sleep as well!! I think al this myth about coffee keeping one awake is conditioning and confirmation bias.
  6. Hi Everyone! I am new to CFUK and wanted to introduce myself. My wife and I got into coffee around the time we got married in 2010. Before that, I was not that much into tea or coffee. However, I did a small sample roast to try a wedding gift of drip coffee maker. I really enjoyed that coffee and we found ourselves with a small bean to cup DeLonghi. Mochas and lattes were good with it. I continued roasting coffee beans on Sundays and it became a 'thing'. A ritual. Since then I have gone from enjoying Americanos and Cappuccinos to becoming a macchiato and espresso fan. This trend can
  7. Hi Coffeechap. My name is Dee, y7ou recommended me on this thread from HomeBarista. I can come if you can accommodate me. if you can then let me know the date pls? Thanks.
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