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  1. I get it. But i'll introduce myself if I decide to stay. Why would I bother otherwise? And to take your analogy... Imagine going to a party in someone's house and finding that there were 50 rooms with one or two guests standing in each room. How would you deal with that? You'd probably leave pretty quickly and wonder why the host hadn't corralled everyone into the kitchen and the living room.
  2. First impression last - and that goes both ways. I can guarantee that I won't be spending much time here because I have a dozen other sites I flick thru on my daily routine and I just haven't got the time to spend on this one trying to find things of interest. And yes I am moaning, but ask yourself... how many people come to this site, look around, and move on without explaining why they won't be coming back. For one thing, looking at individual forums the place looks like a ghost town. If you don't care about those people then that's your prerogative, but I would like to think that those responsible for the running of this site have some inclination to attract new blood.
  3. "new posts" is a useful alternative to picking thru the myriad forums but it's doesn't make up completely for the poor forum organisation. One data point I'd like to highlight is that the default number of forum posts displayed per page is 20. On many of the forums the difference in time between the most recent post and the 20th post is many months or even years. That's a sure indication that individual forums are virtually stagnant and that posts are being spread too thinly over a large number of subject areas. The current organization is organization for the sake of it but doesn't seem to meet reals needs.
  4. I recently joined this forum and I find myself frustrated with the organization of topics - the conversations are thinly spread over too many forums, an incredible 51 forums to be exact! It's like buying a newspaper with 200 6"x 4" pages and trying to find articles of interest to read. If you want examples of better organization I suggest to look at home-barista.com or even coffeegeek.com . They have fewer forums and as such are easier to peruse. The question to ask is, what are the natural groupings of conversations? For example, as a Profitec 700 owner, most discussions on dual boiler E61 machines are likely relevant to my machine... assuming I only ever wanted to read/chat about my equipment (which isn't the case). Breaking out discussions by manufacturer might work for cars, but for coffee equipment it just doesn't make a lot of sense. For example, E61 HX machines have just too much in common to fragment discussions by brand. Please consider collapsing the forums down to perhaps a dozen areas and allow the conversations to flow. Any BTW... Hello everyone! :-)
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