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  1. Finally figured out the connection between Coronavirus and toilet paper. Every time 1 person sneezes 100 other people shít themselves......
  2. Nice, here’s a picture of one in use
  3. Upgrade the grinder first, this will give the most noticeable improvements and will set you up for when you upgrade the coffee machine.
  4. I think the point being made is that buying a super posh kettle that will give an exact temperature of water or indeed getting all bent out of shape about exact temperatures is a complete waste of time as by the time you have poured the water the temperature will have changed enough that it makes no difference.
  5. Yes, yes I do....
  6. Last time I checked you didn’t need crema to create latte art, you use steamed milk to do it.
  7. There’s no way you’d be able to steam that though.....
  8. You are going to lose your sh1t when you see this then....
  9. Damn it was about to ask them if they could knock me up a Blue Peter badge as I never got one as a kid, you guys have ruined my chances 😕
  10. Never before has a username been more appropriate 🤣
  11. I live near Swindon, it always pays to double bag round this way.......
  12. Get a lever, you know it makes sense. Welcome to the forum by the way.
  13. Well no, Coffeeforums is being sponsored by the poor performing supplier. Unfortunately the nature of paid for advertising space means that this can happen from time to time, fortunately @Mrboots2u has drawn attention to it.
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