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  1. Mr Binks

    Vegan Milk

    It's also a shame to be told to shut up because your views dont match with someone elses. Might try almond milk next and see who that upsets, unless of course it turns out to be quite nice.
  2. Mr Binks

    Vegan Milk

    If they ever decide to make that you can be the one to try it first 🤣
  3. Mr Binks

    Vegan Milk

    Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t realise you owned the internet and had some sort of authority on whether people could speak or not. I’ll just go and sit quietly in the corner then. P.S. That’s not going to happen princess.
  4. Mr Binks

    Vegan Milk

    Well I’m officially cured of the stuff, unless it has been freshly squeezed from a cow I’m not drinking it.
  5. Mr Binks

    Vegan Milk

    Well curiosity got the better of me and I have purchased a carton of Oatly, I have just taken my first tentative sip and I have a few initial thoughts.... 1. Why would you do this to yourself? At what point in your life do you decide that you hate your tastebuds enough that you are going to subject them to this? 2. CHALK! It says calcium in the ingredients but, from mouth feel alone, they appear to have hidden a metric fücktonne of the stuff in there. 3. Did someone use this to have a bowl of Allbran before transferring it to the carton? Someone mentioned it had a slightly oaty taste. Slightly! Mother of god it’s entirely oaty, there is no other flavour involved. Someone has taken a bag of oats, used science to extract all the oat flavour and has then added that to a bottle of chalk and water. Sooooo, in the interests of fairness and, as James Hoffman is so fond of saying “so that you don’t have to”, I have turned some of it into a flat white..... 1. NO, just no, wrong wrong wrong! 2. I feel dirty and used. 3. Coffee beans deserve better than this, they have endured enough in their sorry little lives, yanked from the bush they grew up on, deprived of their clothes and then shipped around the globe to be roasted and then ground up in terrifying machines before being doused in boiling water. At least give the poor things the dignity of tasting nice at the end of their ordeal! Dear god I can still taste the oats!
  6. Some people swear that the naked portafilter also makes a difference because the shot drops straight into the glass without being disturbed by traveling through a spout thus preserving the Crema. As Crema doesn’t really add anything from a flavour perspective this can only really be down to aesthetics.
  7. Indeed, inergration is bad......... 😮
  8. It's simple, those three practiced really hard at making grinders not do that thing, the other two didn't practice as hard......
  9. I thought the exact same thing. With the careful use of science they have taken a process, made it 50% less efficient and have ended up with results comparable to the original process. GENIUS!
  10. Why not sell your old machine? Hell if you are feeling charitable just offer it to someone who’s just starting out.
  11. This quote alone makes my teeth itch! "Of course, bean efficiency is not high on in the list of what people want in an espresso. It is the over and under-extraction of flavours, combined, that gives coffee its some of its complexity. A more efficient shot is likely to have less complexity, the scientists concede. But they have a solution to that: brew two shots of espresso, one over-extracted and the other under-extracted, and mix them together. Genius. Soooooo, you have come up with a 25% gain in efficiency per shot but in order to match the flavour complexity of the older method you now have to pull 2 shots....... Not genius!
  12. Well I’d probably survive drinking a cold americano but I’m not sure the visitors to the stand would appreciate the smell generated by me liberally coating the whole thing in steamed milk 🤢
  13. I could never do this, at some point I would get distracted, drink the wood stain and then wonder why the flat white I’m painting all over the wood doesn’t look very good 😂
  14. Mr Binks


    Wow, there’s enough real estate there that you should stick a flag in it.
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