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  1. true but still worry I will damage something and then it will cost even more to repair haha I will try and see if I can take case off and at least check wiring of the brew button. very odd it was working fine and then after power cut it started playing up! not even moved the machine in over 1 years!
  2. ok thanks I aint very good at doing these things myself haha Franco do offer in home service now but will be costly!
  3. this time its slightly less delayed but hopefully easier to see
  4. file size too large here I turn the pump off at 10 seconds and you can just slightly hear the valve open and close last 5-6 seconds of video.
  5. Hi all I got a Cherub from Francino and had powercut mid brew last week and ever since then my machine has been activating the solenoid late. As in it takes anywhere between 4 and 8 seconds for the water to get sent to the valve so all my espresso is never correct weight unless I stop the brew early. Anyone know if this means I need a new valve or something else? Thanks
  6. i may need to try this! currently use choc point which I use with 1:2 ratio so in 18.5 out 37g in 32 seconds.
  7. Agree I think recipe that the benefit those who new to it and those who dont want to mess about with pressure and temp etc. I for now cant on my machine, I can only adjust pressure but I rather not mess around haha. Makes me wonder if I should have spent a bit more on a HX with Temp Control!
  8. Hi I sent reply to your PM about the box or collection.
  9. nekromantik

    Mignon MK2

    Hi all I just got a Mignon XL so selling my Mignon MK2 that I bought off a forum member here 3-4 years ago. I need to clean the burrs so will post pictures once its been cleaned. Its fully working and in decent condition. Sadly I do not have the box so it will need to be collection only from South West London. I do not have a box correct size for it so thats one thing to keep in mind. Comes with Grinder and Hopper and Portafilter holder. Looking for £140 but open to offers.
  10. How can you tell if Burrs are not aligned properly?
  11. hmm may leave mine too. Im finding extractions better then my mignion mk2 anyway
  12. Ah fair Yeah I dont swap beans often so didnt bother with Niche Zero. As that would been mine go to for SD grinder.
  13. same here be good to know what advise you were given @Fleckers
  14. yeah cant spend this much and then have to mess about mine is clumping less the finer it goes but as I only used 0.5kg of beans to run it in and only drink 1 a day at moment It will take a while for me to see less clumps
  15. yeah not sure why he said that as they even told me they always take payment up front
  16. Is Burr Alignment issues a known problem with the XL?
  17. On my first shot not much of a difference so far in taste but it did come out a bit slower so not dialled in fully yet. the grind itself is much less clumpy which is great!
  18. i got mine yesterday also posted pic on the other thread not too sure about the rubber matt though haha nice its free
  19. It arrived yesterday! So much quicker then my Mk2! Ran about 2/3s of the beans BB provided and this morning will be my first try at espresso with it. Obviously not dialled in yet so first cup should be not great ha
  20. @BlackCatCoffeehey I just placed order for some beans. will this now be shipped Monday? Also are you still facing Royal Mail delays?
  21. Got my shipment email from BB should be here tomorrow
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