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  1. I am sure that this version for spouted/bottomless would work with the Niche as well. Perhaps not with a huge funnel like in the picture though. Might be too high for that? Edit: I just read the text under the photo in the link... The hole in the middle was custom-made, but I don't see any reason for not using the two holes that already exist. Or just some 3M adhesive. The post also says that the taller spouted/bottomless version (the one I am selling) wouldn't fit, but I am guessing that it would if a smaller or no funnel is used
  2. It seems as if the one in the pic is screwed onto the Niche using a screw in the centre of the PF stand? I took a photo of my brand new PF stand (spouted and bottomless), and it only has two holes if it makes a difference
  3. @aled Thanks. If the shipping isn't insanely expensive I would still be interested. I am not too paranoid regarding potential damage due to shipping. But having said that, if you were to ship it a ton of bubble wrap or the like would be appreciated
  4. Hi, I recently bought a Decent Portafilter Stand (For all portafilters - spouted and bottomless). After receiving it I realised that it isn't compatible with Gaggia Classic portafilters. ("Works with virtually all 58mm standard portafilters. Note: the "wings" on your portafilter need to be 90° angled from the handle, not rotated sideways." - Decent's website) I am too lazy to send it back/ship it. But if anyone would like to come to west London (Acton) and pick it up I would be happy to let it go for £20. The price for one of these is £40 with shipping on Decent's website. Or £63 on Amazon UK.
  5. I have the same "problem". But seeing that so many experience the same I suppose there is nothing to worry about
  6. I have been using this one (bottomless) for a few weeks and I am pretty happy so far. https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/en/gb/Gaggia-Bottomless-Naked-Portafilter-21g-Black-Handle/m-1988.aspx Don't know how well it compares to other brands/sellers though
  7. I have been using a Motta leveling tool which I suppose does the trick, but a matcha whisk might be nice. Thanks for the tip
  8. I use the Motta shot glass as well. They work fine, but they tend to get super hot, so not really suitable for drinking directly from (?). "baristashop.co.uk" sells a set of 6 for 14 pounds. I bought a set of 2 from Amazon for buy 10 pounds though...
  9. Hi, would appreciate the discount code as well if possible. Fell in love with your French breakfast recently. Expect to be ordering regularly from now on
  10. I find this to be really good. Would also recommend Jampit, Mediterranean Mocha and French Breakfast
  11. I am interested in buying this for the asking price but unfortunately I live in London. You wouldn’t happen to have any plans to come to London in the not too distant future? Or would you maybe be willing to ship it for an additional cost?
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