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  1. @Beeroclock. Yes just sorting the finer details. If an admin is able to close this thread or let me know how and I’ll do it. Thank you.
  2. Currently in the process of deciding to purchase a second hand La Spaziale S1 Armonia EK and I’d love it to get a once over. I’m sure this has been asked a million times and might be in a different section but is there somewhere or someone you would recommend me sending it to? I live down in Hampshire if that helps at all?
  3. @Beanbag your right there not to expensive but I’m fairly new to this and want to try second hand first if possible. What are the details on your Armonia? Date, usage, price, timeframe for moving on? thanks.
  4. Anyone got anything going at all, or know where ones going?
  5. Would seem I jumped the gun on a previous thread (apologies) im in the hunt for a La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi ii S1. Does anyone know a decent place in the UK to grab one or is anyone thinking of moving one along soon? Thanks in advance James
  6. I believe so but the post is a month old and the reply a week old so I kinda assumed it had been passed on. My mistake if not and I’ll wait in line. Will wait to hear what’s happening. Sorry again.
  7. I’ve PM’d you. Thanks. James.
  8. Niche Zero has been ordered and a delivery date of Mo day as been sent already. Looking forward to it arriving.
  9. Well that’s that decided. Thanks again guys for ur help. Looking at the MINIMA also now unless there’s any other suggestions? @Davycuk review is pretty much on it if u ask me. Thanks.
  10. Wat are people’s thoughts on the Malhkonig Vario compared to the Niche Zero?
  11. @Fez where would I find his reviews, just checked his profile and it says he doesn’t have any. Sorry for the bone question, new to this page.
  12. Great. I’ll have a decent read of the reviews and might well go with that option. Thank you again.
  13. Thanks for that, really helpful and I’ll look into them both. Good news is I like marmite. Also I’ve seen this niche grinder spoken about a few times now. Is it as good as it sounds for the price? I certainly like the look of it and pouring in the required amount each time.
  14. Afternoon, so do I currently have a Gaggia Classic and Iberital MC2 grinders. Ive really enjoy them but want to make the move up now. Looking at at a max of £2000, would prefer new but happy with a well looked after second hand. Thinking along the of lines maybe a dual boiler? This is a home venture. looking for suggestions on machine a grinder and reasons why. Thanks in advance.
  15. Good luck with the hunt. If u need any advice from another newbie let me know.
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