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  1. p3a+

    Tea bag

    Cheers! A bit off-topic. I am more into coffee than into tea (I suppose like most people at this forum). You might have seen my post about the mobile game I am making (story about a coffee bean running away from the grinder). So about a tea bag... well it becomes a villain in this story... It is not the tea bags - but the The Tea-bads Please check the links below and follow... if you are interested of course!
  2. Not a strictly coffee making video. But from making a coffee related game A few word of intruduction posted here: https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?49283-Coffee-mobile-game And for the video... Please allow me to introduce... MrCoffeBean [video=youtube_share;wFz5BQYBkRU]
  3. Cheers all coffee lovers! I finally decided to sign-up to this forum and share with you. For a long time I have been reading and learning a lot here but "from the outside". I have lately taken up game developement (just to try) and the first idea for a game is about.... coffee of course! The idea for the first game came by itself. From an everyday activity. A morning ritual of making coffee. Every morning I get up and start a day with a freshly grinded V60 pour-over. I use a manual grinder and it happens quite often that my 5-year-old son helps me preparing the coffee. He measures time, prepares the filters and of course - helps me grind the beans. As the grinder has an open bin almost every time one of the beans pops-out of the grinder. At these moments my son shouts out something like: "Hey bean! where are you going?" So let's imagine where the bean goes if we don't catch it and put it back in the grinder... The project is at its starting phase but I would like to share with you (almost) from the very begining. I keep sharing the progress and some thoughts at my social media profiles: https://p3a-plus.blogspot.com/ https://www.facebook.com/p3a.plus https://twitter.com/p3a79629582 https://www.instagram.com/p3a.plus If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas (e.g. what coffee accessories could be introduced to the game) please join me and follow. I am open to know your thiughts and I will be gratefull for any feedback. Cheers! Have a great coffee! p3a+
  4. V60 for me mostly at home. Good espresso only at my favourite cafe. French press when guests come.
  5. Sitting in my favourite cafe. The guy makes the best coffee I have ever tried in general. A client comes. Orders an espresso. Says he comes because heard so much of the coffee served here. Gets his espresso (some Kenya). Tries it and says: "Oh! And they say you are a good barista! And you can't make a good coffee? Just try! It is sour!"
  6. Thanks for sharing! Love Kenyan coffee beans for my V60.
  7. p3a+


    Happens from time to time during the morning coffee brewing. Pouring over my V60. Forgetting to run the timer sometimes - or what is worse - beeing disrupted while measuring time. I use a timer in my mobile for that.... and I really hate when someone calls while brewing and I really need to pick that phone... All the inner peace and pleasure of brewing is gone.
  8. p3a+


    Correct! Book in advance! There's a lot of tourists there, actually all year round, but especially in summer. Have fun there! It is a lovely city!
  9. p3a+

    Hello from Poland!

    Hi there vcb! Cheers from Gdynia! Where are you located? Also new here, well officially. I used to read the forum without signing-in. And here mostly for V60 pour-over.
  10. Good idea with the tags! I am a member of a few different forums (non-coffee related) and they don't use these. Good way for searching! Will try to advice this to the other forums.
  11. p3a+

    Hi from PL!

    Hi everyone! Finally signed in after lots of reading as a non-member. Thanks for tons of info! For some time now I am addicted to my daily V60 drip, especially made of my favourite Kenyas or Ethiopias. Working as an architect and starting into game developent recently. I have started a project that I thought I could share with you here... but it is an another story for a different thread Good to be here! p3a+
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