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  1. Forgive me if this has been posted a lot of times. I'm using Sage Barista Pro and generally quite happy with it (although the steamer is beginning to make noises and stop by itself which it never used to do). What grinder would you recommend that is a worthwhile step up from the built in grinder on the Sage? Seriously thinking about a Rocket Appartemento in the future too, someday . . .
  2. I see Sage online has 2 year warranty. Is this correct no matter where you purchase?
  3. Thank you DavecUK. Machine unplugged. I hope they do offer a refund. Would never buy anything by such a manufacturer again if they don't - and even then! It has made a mere 148 lattes. I counted as I wanted to justify the expense of the machine vs going takeaway etc. Just not good enough.
  4. I am grateful for any advice. This is my first coffee machine and rather than open it up I will contact the retailer first. However, due to Coronavirus the store where I purchased it has been closed last few weeks and not likely to open for several weeks more. Also, I wouldn't be technical enough to understand the insides of a machine like this.
  5. Thanks for this. I just tried to descale in case that was an issue. About 20 seconds into the process the machine powers off and all the sockets switched off in my house! This never happens, electrics all fine. Also, just before i started descaling i was dusting the milk sensor. When I touched it, it triggered the grinder. This is what was happening yesterday too - every time I put milk jug on the sensor the grinder just activated and would not stop, even when I switched the machine off! I don't think I'd know anything about opening up a machine like this.
  6. Hi. My Sage Barista Touch suddenly wouldn't stop grinding coffee beans. Just before that happened there was water (a few drops) leaking out the section underneath the touch screen. Also just before that it kept saying the steam wand needed cleaning (which I did) Any help appreciated. Thank you
  7. 5 month old Sage Barista Touch bought new saying Steam Wand blocked. It starts to froth and stops after 7 seconds. I have cleaned it as per the instructions. Now it will not let me proceed to do the 11 second clean by pressing the button on screen. I’ve made 90 cups of double shot coffee so far with this machine. Help welcome. Thank you.
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    Love The Baron
  9. Anyone make Hot Chocolate using a Sage Barista Touch or similar?
  10. So using Sage's own Descaling solution I followed the instructions to clean my Barista Touch. I got to the part on the screen that says replace water tank filled MAX with clean water and the machine screen left and went back to the select coffees part. Is that it? Was there another instruction before I make a coffee? I don't want to drink any descaling solution Thanks
  11. Thank you. Meant to add I'm in Ireland. Will be keeping an eye out for good beans here!
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