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  1. 5 month old Sage Barista Touch bought new saying Steam Wand blocked. It starts to froth and stops after 7 seconds. I have cleaned it as per the instructions. Now it will not let me proceed to do the 11 second clean by pressing the button on screen. I’ve made 90 cups of double shot coffee so far with this machine. Help welcome. Thank you.
  2. Anyone make Hot Chocolate using a Sage Barista Touch or similar?
  3. So using Sage's own Descaling solution I followed the instructions to clean my Barista Touch. I got to the part on the screen that says replace water tank filled MAX with clean water and the machine screen left and went back to the select coffees part. Is that it? Was there another instruction before I make a coffee? I don't want to drink any descaling solution Thanks
  4. Thank you. Meant to add I'm in Ireland. Will be keeping an eye out for good beans here!
  5. So I've just joined recently. Thanks for all good advice so far. Made my first latte today with my new Sage Barista Touch.
  6. You approve of Sage so. I purchased the Sage Barista Touch. The shop had no manual or box and reduced by a further 5%. So i paid £665 (€780). I'm looking forward to making coffee with real beans.
  7. Thanks for the replies so far. I've found a deal on a Sage Barista Touch (black truffle version). It has 30% off, reduced from €1200 to €840 (£715). Any thoughts on this?
  8. Hi. New to making coffee, drink mostly latte and flat white. Initially considered the De Longhi Elette bean to cup until I did some more reading on this site. Now considering Sage Barista Express, though love idea of Rocket appartamento. Not sure how good I would be at frothing the milk. Advice welcome. I'm in Ireland so would like to know about reliable sellers in case of repair. Thank you
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