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  1. Thank you Alex for buying! Admins please move to sold.
  2. Okay, as it stands according to the rules I have to give priority to Alex then ratty followed by the PM offers?
  3. I have had a few PMs on this offer already. Can someone advise what should I do? What are the agreed codes of conduct for buying and selling on here? To: alex.: Yes the Grinder is in perfect condition. Consider it brand new. Even the side protective stickers are not removed.
  4. Hi, I'm selling my beloved Gaggia Classic (2013) + lot of accessories and a recently purchased Eureka Mignon MK2 Chrome (purchased new on 1st November 2019). Total for £300 - COLLECTION ONLY from Leeds LS1. Before I mention the details about the espresso machine and grinder, I want to mention a few things and conditions for the purchase: Just for some background, I'm an international student from Mumbai, India was studying at University of Leeds. I had to fly back home urgently due to the virus and I'm stuck here in Mumbai. I graduated a few days back and the uni has cancelle
  5. Wow, the one is white with the wood accents is a beauty!
  6. Yes it is still available. However, I'm stuck outside the country due to the lockdown and will only return to the UK in June (hopefully). I will notify people on this thread first and put it up for sale on the forum. If you can wait it is a well maintained machine albeit with a few scratches as mentioned on the post already.
  7. I'm interested in any of the following machines. In order of preference: - Profitec Pro 700 - ECM Synchronika - Vesuvius - Linea Mini
  8. Does anyone know how often Izzo updates their machines. Correct me if I'm wrong the latest Duetto IV Plus came out in 2017? Is there a new version due soon because I was planning to get one. I'm relatively new so don't want to see a newer version come out within a year of my purchase.
  9. Thank you! I was looking for a second opinion. Didn't want to overprice it to receive no offers.
  10. I was hoping to get a valuation of my Gaggia Classic + accessories that I wish to put up for sale. I am currently out of the country but live in Leeds - very close to City Centre. So, I can sell it after the lockdown is over and I return to the country. [GRINDER NOT INCLUDED] 1. Why am I selling? - I've been using it for a year and a half and wish to upgrade to a dual boiler. 2. How old is it? - It is a 2013 model. I am the second owner. The first owner was an old man who used his machine very infrequently and sold it to me as it was shelved for a few years. It was sto
  11. I really like the ECM design but Izzo is very close. Let’s say I push my budget to fit a Synchronika or a Duetto IV? Which one should I go for? Can’t fault either one but maybe someone who’s used both or one of them could provide me w an insight? I make milk based drinks on my modded Gaggia Classic till now, so patience is my strong suit, I’d say haha! I could possibly sell that on here.
  12. Hahahaha! £1400 but I would say I'd be a bit flexible if something very difficult to pass on comes along. Might put the acaia and other unnecessary jazz to the back burner then.
  13. I really wish I could look past the looks but I'm a 100% certain I cannot wake up in the morning for the next 8-10 years and look at that first thing in the morning. Similar issues with the Lelit -. their machines are not sharp or minimal enough (despite being a bang for the buck) to convince myself to save a couple hundred over the next so many years. I'd rather have a machine that does one thing less but looks clean and made with heavy duty materials. Any good deals on the forum/ elsewhere in mind?
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