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  1. Dont stress about the PID Settings. This just controls how fast in gets up to speed, how much it over shoots when getting to the set temp and how quickly it recovers after a shot. Once you have the machine on for 20 mins and its up to temp the settings will have limited / no effect.
  2. Only changes could relate to ambient temp and/or boiler temp Are you in a cold climate and in the afternoon are you turning your machine back on or has it been left on since the morning?
  3. -When and how often does one need to run the auto tuner? After changing the setpoint temp for example? I did mine a few times to setup then have left it alone since, Changing by 1 or 2 degrees wont really change the behaviour so i wouldn't bother -Is it better to run the autotuner with the portafilter locked in place? Not sure that would make any difference, The PID is testing the power input versus changes to the boiler temp, portafilter comes after that point -The temp drops by 2C during the pour, then goes up again to the setpoint temp (95C), is this normal? ie is a 2C drop acceptable. Sounds ok, ive not taken too much notice of this -After setting the offset to 8C as instructed in the manual, the actual difference between room temp (22C) and displayed temp (16C) was closer to 6C. Do I now set the offset to 6C? Air temp may differ from metal boiler temp inside a sealed box. You would need to check the boiler not ambient. Having said that, you still need to play around with temp anyway depending on your beans. For example my normal beans im sitting on 94.3 and for a darker roast i drop it a little to 93.0. You'll need to experiment regardless.
  4. Is it just the light or is the machine turning off?
  5. Whats the puck look like when you'r finished wet / dry?, fully pressed against the screen? solid or soupy? also how much are you extracting and over what time?
  6. I need to do something like this. Start up the coffee machine before leaving bed.
  7. Thats the setup ive got and works well, I got a great deal on the last of pre 2015 stock which is double bonus really.
  8. To be honest, the classic should come standard with a PID. Mr Shades Kit is the next best thing
  9. I concur with a PID, you can set the steam temp accurately and get strong enough steam. Im yet to have any issues with steaming Milk or Soy milk
  10. I buy 2 different blends, a dark roast and medium roast......for the Medium (as others have said) i make the grind slightly finer, and temp up marginally. Also make sure you check your screen. I recently removed / cleaned mine and it was ok on the side showing but tar build up on the inside with no daylight showing through the holes. Was a noticeable difference after a good scrubbing.
  11. So my machine is about 10 months old and i've never taken the shower screen off. I removed it yesterday and was amazed at the layer of oil/crud underneath it. Im surprised any water was making it through the holes. Gave it a good clean and put back in place. Will need to check further in when i get a chance. (was an easy job to remove the screen so ill keep this on regular maintenance from now on)
  12. yeah from memory this happened to me, maybe its prior to PID auto tune that the values are way off?
  13. Ye even if the grinds don't get stale, you'll taste the burn from the 15mins heat up. Ive locked the handle in place too early before and had to wait 5 or so mins and the coffee was terrible. As others have said the idea of remote warm up is a good one, Ive considered something like a TP-Link HS100 wifi smart plug ($29au)
  14. Your spot on, youll get some over shoot when cold by 5 or 6 degrees. After 15 or so mins you should be very stable. Recovery is prob 5 mins to dead stable again. Something like that. btw, i dont flush any water pre-shot, youll open yourself up to more jumping around with cold water coming in.
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