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  1. Thanks Dave What time would you suggest for 1kg batch ?
  2. Hi everone I would like to roast Ethiopia-Guji Dikitu coffee.I don't have any experience with natural processed ones. I am open for any suggestions 🙂 Thanks Dominik
  3. HI My namie is Dominik and I would like to start my small coffee roasting business in the UK. I have got my 1kg machine and i want to buy some coffee beans now . My question is where can I buy good qualiyty beans .Should I buy this from local importers or directly from farmers. Thanks for any help.
  4. Hi Hasi. Thank you very much for your reply, it's very helpful. Really appreciate it! Regards, Dominik
  5. Hi there all, Im looking for some advice on roasting at home. Do I need to conform to any law regs to roast in my house ( 1 kg electric coffee roaster)? do I need to have a health inspector visit? I would like to sell my coffee online. Any other advice? Thanks Dominik
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