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  1. Oh I didn’t. I guess I must have been more diligent in the past in refilling and that skewed my memory.
  2. Recently have started having an issue with the water tank appartamento. I now only get the blinking light when the tank is completely drained not when it’s low. So it regularly happens where I forget to check it and then end up starting an espresso which goes for 10 seconds and then stops because the tank is empty. I’m using exclusively Volvic water. No clue where this could be coming from, I seem to remember it not doing it at the beginning. Anybody encountered this before?
  3. My grouphead gasket is stuck because of a stripped allen screw. What's the best way to get this one out? I'm afraid drilling it may damage the boiler
  4. I remember reading something somewhere about changing the calibration, but not sure. I was more wondering if anything could be changed. I’m now down to 3-4 notches to grind an espresso.
  5. After adding the NFC disk, should I change something with the grinder? I now have to grind a lot finer which I read is normal but other than that?
  6. I have a fully restored Gaggia Classic (Italian model) that has been used on a regular basis for a year now. This is the second time I'm getting this fault. When I'm using the Perfect Crema pin & basket no coffee seems to come out. I had it before and simply replaced the pin and basket with a new one and it worked all of a sudden again. Now it's back and I don't understand where this comes from. The steam wand works fine and it brews if I use the regular basket. Has anybody encountered this before?
  7. I'm helping out a friend with his Gaggia Classic. Lately it's been having an issue pulling an espresso but only with the pressurised basket (he uses pre-ground beans). Whenever he uses the pressurised basket nothing comes out and the whole thing just backfluhes. The regular basket works perfectly fine. I cleaned out the solenoid valve and it seemed cleaned, also checked brew pressure and it's normal. I have a feeling the pressurised basket is the culprit here and will try to get another one. Any other thoughts on what it could be?
  8. Selling my Gaggia Classic Gold in absolutely perfect condition. I only used it with Volvic water and was descaled on a regular basis. Silvia wand already installed. No scratches or scuffs anywhere. This is the quite rare Gold model with no replacement to any of the original gold components. The machine is located in Central London for pickup or can be posted for £15. Price £180
  9. I’d take it! Any chance you’re in London sometime soon? Otherwise I have to sort out how I can make it out
  10. I’m making a stop in London next week. It’s been a while since I lived there so I’m a bit out of the loop on the coffee scene. If there was only one pack of beans I should buy there, which ones? I’m looking for an espresso roast.
  11. So I just calibrated the way DaveC explained. Turns out I had no reason to worry about anything. All going well now
  12. Do you mean the little dot on the black ring? Finally got the black ring to move by itself but took a lot of holding the hopper back. Maybe it’s also just getting in the habit of it.
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