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  1. I currently have the regular V60 and doing the 4-6 method works just fine for me. How much of a difference does having the Kasuya dripper make?
  2. What would be a good upgrade from a Gaggia Classic if I want to get more power for steaming? I already have the Silvia wand upgrade.
  3. Many people may not agree but I quite like Omotesando
  4. Rhinowares https://rhinocoffeegear.com/categories/milk-pitchers.html or Joe Frex https://joefrex.com/milk-pitcher are both very good and I think you can find them both on amazon.
  5. Would you be willing to ship to Germany?
  6. Solved it yesterday. Ended up taking the pump from another Gaggia of mine to see and sure enough it's the pump that was dead. So I'll be switching that out.
  7. Yep and blew some air through it to make sure nothing got stuck
  8. I just finished a full teardown and rebuild of a Gaggia Classic and it's not pulling water through. Seems to be the solenoid valve but I took it apart and descaled it. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot? I'm a bit stuck now
  9. Any chance you're in London and I could pick up?
  10. Got a bit damaged with trying to remove the last screw. My fault, but a good way to learn
  11. Finally managed to separate the two! The group head is saved but the boiler will have to be replaced. Thanks for all the help!
  12. Uploaded two additional photos to see the screws (or what's left of them) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xmrhsx1xl...aP2mKoFUa?dl=0
  13. And how would I go about it with a stud extractor?
  14. So essentially heat it enough so that you can just push the screws through, you mean? Couldn't you also just drill through the screws?
  15. Thanks for the tips. One of the heads is broken off cleanly, the other is just broken (the screw was soft and I tried too often on it and turned it into a clean circle). I'm not afraid of using heat on it, have done so on my Vespas in the past the only issue is that I have to get it open first for that. I'll take a photo of how it looks tonight.
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