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  1. It happened first time I used it and so it came with new basket. Regardless I have still checked if they are not clogged:)
  2. This is exactly what I do ^^ I start thinking that I put too much pressure with either my thumb or fingers as I tamp but yeah finding a different way that I hold the tamper so it works for me might be best solution. Thank you.
  3. I'm using - OCD? Tool to even the surface, before that a toothpick and between that I hit porta with palm horizontally and vertically, 99% sure my channeling occurs from uneven tamping. It's the way I hold it for some reason, after tamping it's always leaning unevenly, sounds like something easy to correct yet I keep repeating the same....
  4. I have just used naked portafilter for the first time, flow was in the middle but there was a lot of holes that the coffee wasn't flowing through, is that channelling? I know that I have problem with even tamping despite now I use corner mat, I can't seem to correct this.... Any tips?
  5. I thought you had doubts if E5 have that low retention. I have asked that guy if it's a good single doser, he said it's fantastic for sing dosing, I think I'll go with that one, still it's a lot of money, what is your opinion, good grinder?
  6. Also this is a screenshot of a guy who's been using E5 for some time and reviewed it, would he be not telling the truth?
  7. Thank you, so assuming that I drink one to two coffees in the morning, I wouldn't need to purge without any major loss of taste, which grinder would you recommend around 700£?
  8. Sorry, when I said that they did not commercialise I meant that they sell only through direct site, which means they only produce so much to sell in minutes. I understand that the demand sometimes is high for a particular machine and might be hard to get. But for few years niche has been only available direct, each time and month is being sold in minutes literally. Why not to hire, contract some more factories to produce more niche to keep selling them for two weeks each month, not two minutes....
  9. I'm too green, I don't know what on demand mea for coffee grinder and when Google out it says OD vs Doser is that with on demand you always get fresh ground coffee.... (?) Did my research, even here people were praising E5 for low retention 0,2-0,5g. Doesn't it me it's good for single dosing? I use comandante currently, which was 190£ if I had to add motor and electronic that would be probably price of solo, so it's not like I'm getting any upgrade /improvement in term of taste of espresso and this is what I'm after too. Niche is ext hard to get, you need to be
  10. Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice for buying new grinder as this is quite a lot of money and I don't want to experiment. I'm using barista touch, looking to upgrade in the nearest future but that's what I have for now,sage precision brewer for filter and comandante for both. I'm happy to keep using comandante for filter but espresso grinding is awkward especially first thing in the morning. I'm looking for single dosing grinder and come around conpak e5. My main concern is that I like to have different coffee each time delivery of my subscription, do you have t
  11. I'm new with curve roasters which have good opinions overall, they offer 1 filter and 1 espresso roast subscription which suits me. Last time I received from them filter roast, fruity "victor mejia heredia" Today I received same coffee but branded as espresso roast. I'm not sure how should I read this, are they just giving random roast espresso or filter brand on package? Or is it same coffee but they change roast, light to dark? Anyone please?
  12. Cloud


    Thank you very much for your offer but I guess I stick with curve for now, while I drink both espresso and filter they can deliver each roast with separate subscription every two weeks. 1x250g espresso roast and 1x250g filter roast every two weeks is just perfect for me.
  13. Cloud


    All major subscription based retailers offer same day roast as well as card with traceability. I'm talking about pact coffee, 200°,union roasted, coffee factory.... These are the cheaper subscription. All of them, well at least promise to roast the coffee same day, and provide a card with info about the coffee. These prices range from 6-8£ per 250g my point was if I opt for 10-15£ per pack do I get better taste quality. I don't really care about single origin, sourced etc. Just taste quality.
  14. Cloud


    Thank you for your answer. So basically, if I don't have any specific preferences then there is absolutely no point in paying more? I was considering curve coffee roasters which offer 10£ per pack with their subscription, but going with 6£ subscription won't get me lower quality coffee, I'm not loosing anything regarding taste quality. That's all I wanted to know. Thanks.
  15. Cloud


    Hi Just a quick question, I'm currently on coffee subscription-union hand roasted company I consider switching to another one. Is there a true difference in quality /taste if you opt for more expensive coffee? I can imagine that truly expensive coffee is significantly better quality, but what is the difference between 6£ 250g and 10£ 250£ in subscriptions. While I understand that microlot is more expensive, roasters offer each of their coffee packs in that price, is there a good reason to opt for more expensive subscription? Many thanks.
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