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  1. If I said FREE if you cover the postage would anyone like it?
  2. This came with my Londinium R, but I don’t need it. £10 + postage (£2.90 second class)
  3. Baratza Virtuoso Preciso grinder for sale. This has had light filter coffee use, generally by my wife as I use my Hausgrind. It has had the gearing upgraded under warranty and has worked perfectly since. I don’t think I have the box, so would prefer collection, but shouldn’t be a problem to package up and ship at cost. £150
  4. I’m selling my Mazzer Mini E, owned by me from new and bought from BellaBarista. It’s had an easy life, just a couple of shots a day, and has never missed a beat. It’s been sitting on the side since I bought my ZM from CoffeeChap earlier this year, I’ve just given it a good clean up ready for its next owner. It has new (official) Mazzer Super Jolly burrs which have seen less than 5kg of coffee - these burrs make a big difference over original ones, much faster and fluffier grind. I can also include the original burrs although I don’t think there’s much point. The static guard was removed, but is included and easy to put back if required. I’d prefer collection, but I have the original box so could package up and ship at cost if necessary. I could also deliver if you’re not too far from Winchester. I’m also going to list this on eBay later today. £250
  5. Is it just me or do links often not open properly in Tapatalk? I get a server not responding for redirect.viglink.com If do a longpress on the link and open in Safari/Chrome it’s fine
  6. Obviously that was meant to me “bottomless pf” [emoji849]
  7. Thanks @TomBurtonArt I have a spare bottomless of that I’m happy to pass on if you’ll cover the postage @jymbob ? According to Tom it should fit, it was used with the Izzo Alex he bought from me
  8. Phew!! I was just about to text and ask about postage!!
  9. nigeljh

    UK Based Roasters

    There’s a couple of ones local to me that are missing: River Coffee Roasters - https://www.rivercoffeeroasters.com DT Coffee Roasters - https://dhantamang.com I’ve bought from both locally, not via their websites
  10. Nice! I sold mine and often wish I hadn’t
  11. That’s Loki, he was a Norwegian Elkhound
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