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  1. Bullit


    Jumped on this, thank you!
  2. Looks like the deal is back on 😀 Bag ordered 😎
  3. Bullit

    Black Friday

    Great offer thank you
  4. Just opened my first bag of Born Sippin on Sunday, love it!! thank you for the heads up on the deal!!
  5. The slow boat from China has docked this morning with a shiny/matt tamper! Thankfully, due to the weather, the postman was able to dock right at my front door ? ?️
  6. I used this video as a reference before heading camping at the start of May and worked a treat! Smelt amazing brewing on the camp stove ?
  7. Sweet jesus, my eyes ??? How do I change back? The themes option has disappeared ?
  8. If you are up in Wrexham, Bank Street Social (used to be Blank Canvas) and King Street Coffee is where I would head. Both sell Neighbourhood coffee if I remember correctly
  9. Bullit

    UK Based Roasters

    For anyone based in Chester , https://lostbarncoffee.co.uk/ is a great spot. I've messaged them my order, collected some freshly roasted beans and were happy to give me the grand tour of the roastery (located in Tilston). If you get caught short on beans they are stocked in Just Footprints, the eco friendly shop, in the Forum Shopping Centre (Chester Market).
  10. Just popped it in the post @jaffro New List: 1: Bullit 2: jaffro
  11. First Class Joey, love to see older machines restored and brought back to life! Best of luck with her!
  12. No fancy tulips or swans here but I've gone with 'palm tree on a sandy beach' ??️
  13. Used to get quite a lot of sloppy pucks with my Gaggia but since changing my grinder i'm getting nice solid pucks and fantastic tasting coffee! 16g in the basket and just a light tamp ☺️
  14. All sorted lads, thanks! @jaffro is you still want this PM me your address
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