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  2. Bodies are cast aluminium. Remove doser, light, switch, badge on back, portafilter holder, hopper microswitch on top etc and also the hopper and burrs. Tape them up. I shoved packaging paper in between the motor and the case inside so as to not get any paint sprayed on the motor through the vents. If you're spraying it back then make sure you sand it roughly first, body filler it to get rid of any dinks, sand it down again, then sand to about an 800 grit before acid etching it with a primer (I used upol-8 I believe). Then put your base coats on from a rattle can if that is your persuasion (that's what I did). I didn't bother with a clear coat as it'd ruin the finish as I don't trust my abilities. But its not going into a commercial environment so I'm not too worried. If you want the bare aluminium look, good luck getting it down to the base metal, and then even better luck polishing it up. Would defo recommend a clear coat on the raw aluminium look as it will probably form a patina in time.
  3. Nice - I got the light blue Flat White cups and love how they look.
  4. Imagine having 24 posts and getting a reasonable discount from a decent family run roaster during one of the worst financial crashes in the past decade, and still complaining you didn't get the discount on an item that the seller probably doesn't profit much on anyway. Imagine...
  5. I actually own the 520 flatbar so may be able to comment if you would like. I think it has the Shimano 105 gearset and Shimano cranks etc. I've never had the ability to fault it if im honest apart from right now I'd like to get something more sporty and aggressive. The V-brakes are OK but I suspect the compound of the pads aren't the best so would be worthwhile changing them. Adding some clipless SP pedals such as the Shimano 520 clipless and buying some cleats is a definite. The Flat-bar advertises itself as a hybrid however I'd say its definitely more road-biased, but saying that I have taken it a few miles down canal paths before and it seemed to hold its own. It comes standard with the Victoria Randeunner (I think that's how it's spelt) tyres, which are known to be good, however I think you can put 26's on the standard wheels. The carbon forks seem well made and the frame is also well made. All in all i think it's actually a lot of bang for your buck, however would definitly advise a) looking out for them second-hand and b) consider if you really want a flat bar, and if you do, consider if you'd actually more prefer a gravel bike than the 520 which is a heavily road-biased hybrid.
  6. Just a heads up to everyone - I ordered one set for 12 EUR or so and paid the 12 EUR shipping. If you pay by the likes of Monzo then you avoid the excess bank charges. I think it came to about £21 in total a few days ago.
  7. If it tastes sour (think lemon) then it is likely under extracted. Of course first check things like bean roast dates. Do you weigh your coffee dose (do you know it is 17g? Or are you just guessing) 10s from first drip doesn't worry me as these have a built in pre infusion. This is modifiable and there are plenty of tutorials online. You may find you need to change the outer burr setting to get a finer grind. I prepared a set of pictures for that procedure a while back not sure if it'll help but it's a good indicator of all of the above are ok. http://imgur.com/a/aQkNcLO
  8. Excuse the wiki source but https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rotary_vane_pump#:~:text=A rotary vane pump is,that rotates inside a cavity. "A ROTARY VANE PUMP IS A POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT PUMP" A vibration pump requires inductors to be used, shifting a ferrous metal rod through a series of coils to generate an electro-magnetic field which is then rectified into an AC current from DC. This doesn't happen instantaneously and is often the source of an initial pressure lag. AC voltage will ramp up (note NOT A STEP INPUT) causing the pressure gradient to be positive until it reaches the set 9bar. We're not talking a 30s ramp, rather a 4-6s ramp up to full pressure. I'm done on this thread. Peace
  9. Please (I beg you) point out design decisions taken to keep cost down, and then after that, please highlight how they are negatively impacting performance. Why do you feel the need to troll any thread related to either a) Dave or b) the Minima? Do us a favour and do one lmao
  10. Water is not compressible, however the simple workings of the pump (not the way the espresso machine works) means that the vibration pump has to generate the fluid flow to then pressurise the water due to the time required for the inductors to generate the AC current. A rotary pump works off centrufigal force (no electrical - kinetic/magnetic energy conversion required), hence the 9bar (or whatever the OPV is set to) is available instantly Yes as there's no transmission losses.
  11. It ramps up in the fact that a vibe pump takes a few seconds to shoot to the full pre-set value of the OPV, in my case 9bar. A rotary pump would be straight to 9 bar as soon as the switch is flicked. So I think it actually does ramp up nicely in comparison.
  12. Probably against the grain here but can't say I was keen on the beans I bought. Also when I went i found the shop to be a bit clique-y
  13. Purposely didn't comment on the other thread as it was a troll. Given that this is a parody thread I'm now happy to comment my views haha. I bought into coffee/espresso knowing that communities around the world where lots of coffees are made are massively underpaid and still live in poverty. Hence I bought into the industry knowing that I'd be more than happy to spend in excess of £25 (sometimes upwards of £30) a kilo. I'd like to think at this price point that some of the cost is reflected in the farmers wages and they can at least live a bit of a better life. I purchased machines etc. under the understanding that this was a cost i'd be happy to pay and my viewpoint hasn't changed since. I'd rather not feed the large conglomerates that advertise fairtrade but a lot of the cost is eaten up in admin and a lot of profit margin - unfortunately, whilst I trust the first-tier retailer (normally a large company such as Kenco etc.) I don't trust further down the chain that this cost is passed onto the farmers. As far as the free delivery goes... I understand that deals can be negotiated with Royal Mail and couriers etc. but it is widely understood that, unless you are a huge company, profit margins for small independent roasteries are often small, especially for the amount of work it warrants. Hence I'm not actively seeking to get free delivery unless they advertise it above a certain amount, which is on their on prerogative. Further to that, I'll often not scour the internet for a discount code, but will use one when given or when one is advertised on their site/social media etc. Again this should be in the business plan that was initially outlaid and they've determined that an amount of discount with a certain expenditure to be profitable. Especially given the current times, I'd rather pay a couple quid extra once a month to see one of my favourite roasteries continue to trade post-COVID-19 as opposed to see them collapse. Just my 2 penneth.
  14. I have a black Niche, and like it with my Minima. We do have white worktops though so if I went for white it could look like a whitewash. The Niche is good in the way that it has been styled as such to make it look like it belongs on a worktop in a domestic environment, whilst providing good quality. For example a Mazzer Robur doesn't normally look like it belongs on a worktop at home, rather in a cafe (I know they're not the same ballpark of grinder but its a comparison to be made).
  15. I just sent some money your way and was more than happy with the 10% off I got off my order. Didn't realise you were an active forum member!
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