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  1. Looks like it was properly proved. If you want an ear I’d suggest a shallower crust or reducing bulk ferment by 20-30 mins or so so it’s slightly underproved. Boules are difficult to get ears on as well. also you could bake straight from the fridge (if you didn’t do this)
  2. Is Ngopi down by the DVLA Test centre? I think I've walked past it a few times. Birmingham wise I always go to Tilt or Faculty - they're the best B'ham has to offer in the city centre imho. Will give Ngopi a try though on your recommendation.
  3. I thought that they stocked Caravan Coffee? Surely the idea of this is to get coffee from a local roaster. West Midlands I can think of Quarter Horse & Yorks (wasn't too impressed with theirs though)
  4. Alright @Hasi - done - expect these to be the best things to come out of Austria since KTM. I have high hopes.
  5. Appropriate lighting on signage is required too, especially in the dark.
  6. ParkingEye case was £100 IIRC. Which is why the "No loss" doesn't work any more. What they can't do is issue an extra £60 surcharge and up it from £100 to £160. They don't issue a fine - they issue an invoice. I'm gonna back out of this thread but leave this here: https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=4816822
  7. If they are part of the BPA or IPC I think then they legally can take you to court due to contractual breaches. Like you say though - anything before a Letter before Action (that is declaring them to go to court for the matter) are paperchasers and can be ignored (be it from debt collectors or the private parking company). One thing I would say though - is not to ignore it. The 14 day thing is a bribe at best to get money out of you, normally its best to wait til day 26 to declare your appeal if stuck to a windscreen (as they have to serve a Notice to Keeper - which is where they buy the details from the DVLA for a fiver) or when you receive a postal one then whenever before the 28 days - there's a basic template that people use. From then, they'll reject it and then go on with the whole debt collection stuff and increasing costs etc. etc. the reality is that over 50% of these never get to court.
  8. Sorry - do they spout any legal litigation about POFA and discerning what the offense was (Trespass, breach of contract etc.)?
  9. Does the letter quote any regulations from POFA? would be helpful to see the letter with your own details crossed out to see how the letter is structured.
  10. Ok cool - first recommendation in any communications is never identify yourself - always refer to yourself in third person as "the driver". Private companies tend to have a lot of issues with parking tickets as they have to prove that they were out of pocket by the amount they're demanding (the £100/£60 or so). If you have any more details like date of offence and when you received the letter etc would be great - also what the "offence" actually is. Do you have a street view of where the signage was and where the car was parked? A lot of these can be put down to bad signage and often get written off.
  11. Where is the parking fine from? Euro Car Parks or NCP or the sort?
  12. Really missed an opportunity there... “bean” a member... ill show myself out.
  13. Did you ever see that film limitless? That was me all over.
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