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  1. Today’s double. No crumb shot - I apologise! Probably a bit too dense but the proving was all over the place. Overnight fridge bulk ferment, then took it out and put it in the airing cupboard for 2 hours. Then shaped two loaves (2 preshapes followed by 15 mins relaxing) then one proved at room temp for 1.5 hours, and another had a cold prove for 4 hours. Turned out ok but a bit too dense - not 100% sure why.
  2. Hi, it doesn’t have the naked portafilter any more, just the original with a spout and a shot splitter. All the naked refers to is the fact the bottom has been drilled out, which is useful to see your extraction. You can type in on google and look at images for a side by side comparison “Naked portafilter vs normal portafilter”. The machine was bought in October 2017 and John Lewis offers 2 year warranty, however I am not sure whether it is transferrable. I still have the original receipt, though. The shipping to the postcode with insurance is about £25 with parcelforce, however I wouldn’t accept liability if it were damaged in transit (just to make it clear).
  3. This is now advertised elsewhere as well.
  4. I have a sneaky suspicion, however, that once an espresso machine is purchased, a hand grinder will likely be bought for pourover/drip. So a Mazzer until they get an espresso machine will be fine, and then the Mazzer can be used for the espresso machine, and a cheap hand grinder purchased (maybe an Aergrind/Feldgrind) for the pourover. I found that as soon as I had my Espresso machine, my brew/drip coffee consumption reduced massively.
  5. That looks like a Stagg Fellow kettle
  6. Price drop - now £260 + P&P (Will only be posted at buyer's risk, however). Reminder that it only comes with the Motta Distribution tool now, as the Naked PF has been sold.
  7. Scales - pick yourself up a cheap pair on amazon. I'd suggest some Joe Frex knock off's for espressos (like these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/KKmoon-Digital-Pocket-Jewelry-Kitchen/dp/B00APE4OQ2/ref=sr_1_30?keywords=coffee+scales&qid=1565939871&s=gateway&sr=8-30) they measure in 0.1g increments which is what you want. For weighing out grinds into a separate container before I decant into the portafilter (allows me to do WDT) I use larger scales as the weight limit is higher (like these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07D4MVPQB/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) Tamper - the common suggestion is just a Motta tamper - 58mm dependent on what machine you get (54mm for Sage Duo Temp Pro or Barista Express). Apart from that, you can also buy distributors off fleabay for cheap. I'd suggest getting a retainer to grind your coffee into before decanting into the portafilter. Again, this can vary dependent on portafilter size. I own(ed) a Barista Express and managed to find a LWW knock off tumbler to use that just about worked with the 54mm portafilter size. Was a special delivery from China but in all fairness it works as expected... Hope this helps.
  8. Cooffe

    VB Kaffee beans

    Maybe... Definitely getting orange.
  9. Cooffe

    VB Kaffee beans

    @Hasi is there some sort of mango notes in it?
  10. Cooffe

    VB Kaffee beans

    @Hasi, I was thinking Orange, but didn't want to confirm. My palette isn't refined enough yet to get undertones but I'd guess there'll be a berry in there somewhere! Give me a few more tries...
  11. Cooffe

    VB Kaffee beans

    Having tried the Monkey puzzle as an espresso last night. I put in 18g, got out 35.5ish in about 47 seconds. Was super tasty. Brew temperature was 94 degrees as well. I think I tasted citrus notes, but my palette isn't that refined yet!
  12. Do you know if they roast to order? I've not used them before.
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