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  1. Never seen them for sale, as far as I am aware there's a small window in the year where they're harvested and (I think) they're only harvested around the Phillipines area. If you ever get any in please please PLEASE can I reserve some - I'd love to give them a go.
  2. Just as an FYI - I have arranged a purchase through one of these valuation threads before and as long as everything is kept transparent (and I assume the buyer has the required post-count to get into the for-sale thread), then I don't believe it violates any rules. Obviously a mod should confirm this though too.
  3. 30g dark chocolate chips in bottom, heaped table spoon of chocolate powder (I use clipper I think?), mix with a bit of boiling water to melt the chocolate into a paste, froth milk as usual and pour into it (above should be enough for about 8oz of hot chocolate). Would suggest maybe going a bit hotter with the milk than you normally would without scolding it. Let me know what you recon to the results
  4. What temp. & how long do you prove in brod & Taylor for? Also try substituting in something like Rye and proof for less time as it will give it a sour(er) flavour without over-proving. What stats is your bread currently (flour, hydration % etc.)? And how long do you prove for currently?
  5. Definitely over-prooved. Cavernous crumb in the middle is under-proving, crumb pulling away from crust (generally on the top) is over-proved. Furthermore, I'd guess that the crust isn't too dark, and no ear is a tell-tale sign of over-proving as the yeast doesn't have enough "oomf" to make the dough bloom like it should. On another slightly positive note - I bet it tastes nice and sour.
  6. If you were willing to take a slight diversion then Under Pressure in Sutton Coldfield is good. There's not much food on offer nor is there seating inside at the moment, (I think there are some benches outside), but I've had some great coffees from there. The owners have also just started roasting their own beans.
  7. My minima tends to prime most mornings after being off all night, and will randomly pump throughout the day (there's also no leak - I've checked)
  8. Is it a vibration pump that is priming...?
  9. I'd follow suit (and did when I had my Barista Express), and make 2 shots back to back. Important to note that as it's a single boiler, it'd be suggested to make both shots of espresso first before steaming any milk.
  10. It feels like a lot of the value of Slayers (aside from its use of quality componentry) is also a lot to do with the brand. Similar to KvDW. I would sooner have something such as a DE1+ or a DC Mina for home use when pitted against the Slayer.
  11. Why don't you try it and find out? I believe you can get a 25g VST precision basket for a triple shot. Splitting this between two would be effectively 1.5 shots each. Not too far away from the 2 shots req'd for a flat white, or longer latte's. Just reduce milk a bit if you are that way inclined. EDIT To add: Just realised this is asking about spouted portafilters not bottomless, so I'm not sure that it will fit unless you change portafilter too
  12. When my parents come (pre-rona), then they just have what is going at the time - I don't tend to get funky beans regularly, but they always have it in a 8-10oz latte anyway so they rarely notice any flavours, just whether it was different to last time. I have one/two mates in particular that are actually into coffee, however one prefers filter (and I'm an espresso person myself), and the other will have filter or espresso and in fairness has quite a good palate, so its nice to get other's feedback when I feel I have dialed something in. He will have espresso straight and I have managed to
  13. Yeah I get you can add all of these things, but why would you need them? The Pavoni itself is prized on its ability to create great shots out of the box. All of the above really isn't necessary, especially as a new member whom probably doesn't completely understand the benefits of upgrading to IMS, or one-hole steam tips etc.
  14. I'd also like to know what mods you are expecting to be done? The beauty in the la pav is that it doesn't need a lot of modification, and you can still get some great shots out of it. The only thing that I have done to mine is to add some temperature strips to the grouphead as an indicator of temperature of the water in the group. You can add the pressure gauge but honestly I've never needed it nor wanted for it as the shots I get seem to be coming out great anyway. What grinder do you have?
  15. Are you going to put a ball room in that thing @coffeechap? It looks huge inside.
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