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  1. Cooffe

    New Phone?

    Yeah I think that might be Huawei. I am not too fussed for gaming etc more just fluidity and ability to browse/watch videos and retain a fair amount of battery (the P30 Pro has 6,300mAh I think so lasts for like 2 days!) I have a thing about galaxies. I think they’re too expensive and often the same hardware is attainable much cheaper. A bit like Apple of the android world imo. Definitely open for someone to change my mind on that though
  2. Cooffe

    New Phone?

    So I’ll start by saying I’ve been an Apple fanboy since I’ve been able to afford one (ha yeah after taking out a mortgage to buy one), and now I feel they’re underpowered and underspecced for the price you (I) pay, even with a good deal... which leads me to my next question. Which android phones are leading the market now? I know of the OnePlus 7t, the Huwei P30 pro and the Samsung S10. My partner has the P30 (not pro) and it seems quite good with its AMOLED screen and 3 cameras or whatever. I’ve recently seen that a company called Oppo have released a “Reno2” and am not quite sure how that compares to the others - it seems more reasonably priced too. Just looking for advice/personal opinions on Androids really. Apple is doing my nut in now with its aggressive marketing and reduced ability to mess about with things. Cheers all!
  3. Before any of this, have you reviewed any sticky threads to decide what type of machine you'd like? Single boiler (might be worth it for espresso/americano only and keep budget down), dual boiler (more expensive, but steaming and grouphead fed by two different tanks so more temp. stable), heat exchanger (similar to dual boiler in that it can steam and brew at the same time but internals are very different, temperature may not be as stable) or lever (look up La Pavoni Europiccola as growling dog says, and read into that). As @GrowlingDog says - budget and requirements definitely help - do you want to spend half an hour waiting for an e61 group to warm up before your first cup? are you willing to use a wifi plug if so? what grinder do you have? are you going to use supermarket beans (look into pressurised portafilters)? do you ever make milk-based drinks that require milk steaming? do you even want to faff about with any of it and just go straight into an all-in-one machine like Jura supply?
  4. I’m with you on that one. The one from AliExpress has more colour choices! Good spot though, I don’t often think to look on AliExpress for coffee gear.
  5. I think that the new tampr shop that was advertised here also sells a dosing ring for £12. Might be worth a punt. I’m also guessing that @Rhys is an Oykos man so definitely gotta be one of those yogurt pots...
  6. Fair enough I say. Sorry I should have told you about eBay as they have the 3 and 5 cup for a quid too. Comes all in at about a fiver for one of them with delivery... might even be worth it, mine was the real deal and came with a wooden sleeve as well as the silicone one... Mine is the 5 cup server and seems to fit a v60 filter in quite nicely.
  7. Haha sorry dude... on eBay look up coffee-hit as a seller and they are selling them for £1 plus shipping. Not sure what yours costed out at but they have different sizes too. I’m yet to get a kettle... I’ve not tried pourover properly at home before. Only at work and that’s been better than the coffee outlets, but still not great...
  8. Seems alright. Just used some 02 V60 papers as that’s all I’ve lying around. They claim it can use almost any filter though... I assume you’re talking about the dripper and not the banana guard 😂
  9. Some brewista smart brew thing from coffee hit. Cost me a quid + postage and I’ve wanted a Chemex style thing for home for a while so I guess I’m happy now... And yes, that is a banana guard in the back... sue me.
  10. There's a few on Home-Barista (american based) that have done it. Would suggest looking at the thread, i think there's some videos on how to do it too. As far as I was aware it was simply re-routing a pipe and adding a valve.
  11. @MWJB knows much more about water than me so I'd advise using his recommendation. I've always used ashbeck with no issues though. I don't personally own a DB but looked heavily into buying one just to do the slayer mod after I read up a lot on it. There's a few good videos online about how to do it. It effectively gives you a profiling machine for £800 new or so with the additional cost of kit for the needle valve.
  12. Cooffe


    They must be local to you - in Edinburgh?
  13. Excuse my (probably) idiocy, but why does EK43 coffee taste so different? I understand the workflow is different but never understood why the coffee tastes different. Is it the vertically mounted burrs?
  14. As Joey says. Backflush with Puly Caff/Cafiza twice a month, clean after every use. Descale once every 2/3 months. I use Ashbeck due to low calcium content, but not sure on Waitrose Essential calcium content. Also, look into doing a slayer shot mod on it (it's reversible) down the line. Then you have a flow controlled machine for about 20 quid extra. Other forums have quite extensive posts about the slayer shot mod on the Dual Boiler.
  15. Cooffe


    Wow. Just cracked into a bag of their Myanmar that I froze when I got back from my holiday to Cornwall. Really well balanced coffee with good body. Would definitely recommend if they ever get it back in stock.
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