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  1. I'm back in business! Had a break over christmas. Tried a new proving method with this. Standard 10% rye 90% white 77% total hydration. @aaroncornish bread can blow out on the bottom if not properly sealed in the fridge. The top (which turns to the bottom when flipped) becomes leather-like and the dough loses is extensibility. Hence when it's sprung in the oven it tears instead of stretches!
  2. @KingoftheHeath if you have any spare when you've fulfilled requirements can I pop around and buy one off you please? 🙃
  3. My 18g VST fits fine in my standard portafilter with spouts for an e61. I think only the deeper varieties (like the 22g baskets) require bottomless. Maybe @Nicknak can help as I know he has a profitec!
  4. Haha. If you find an early VAM... Let me know unless you take it ? Next goal is one with the hole in the piston I think, the v1.1 I think? Don't want the original as they seem to be hard to change the o-rings on.
  5. Get your hand in your pocket then lad... Plenty on Italian eBay and they're becoming collector's items I recon. Especially as more and more get broken down for parts...
  6. God I love new shiny things. I'm like a magpie
  7. I second this. One thing I had to do was lightly pre-tension the spanner before hitting with a hammer and it came loose in 2/3 knocks. My machine was less than a year old though. Also make sure the PTFE goes on the right way (opposite the thread) or you end up bunching up the PTFE and it's no use.
  8. Yeah the beans are getting old in fairness. Good enough for the Pavoni but maybe not quite enough for the caravel. Might crack some out - froze them at 4 days post roast so should be good to go. I left it to cycle a few times, so it ended up being on for 20-25 mins before using, and then also flushed the group twice to get the piston and group warm. I found 97 degrees in the tank is actually about 4 degrees less in the cup (using a cheap digital thermometer). Cheers for the advice... On a quest for the best ristretto this side of Milan! Also... Here's a picture of it in case you were wondering. Might sand it down and get it to a paint shop and respray it back in its original colour...
  9. Ah ok that's good to know. I've just had confirmation that mine is being shipped now... Will report back. Can you send me the stl file please? Might see if work can print it for me... Regarding the PID, I'd expect nothing more from you tbh... Haha. How do you manage to pack 12g or so in the basket? Do you have a funnel of sorts? Also how do you get nice thick syrupy shots? Mine are all coming out with little body.
  10. I've owned both of these. The Atom for speed, the Niche for consistency and the fact its a single doser... Would suggest the Atom 75e though.
  11. Nice. Are you planning on taking it apart and giving it a good clean?
  12. Notable ones in homesense are Kai and Zwilling
  13. Yeah I had a similar issue on my minima but not with a valve, was the elbow for hot water to the group. Just needed to be unscrewed, cleaned up and PTFEd then re-fitted. 15 min job all in all from start to finish.
  14. As the above stated really. Don't let the doser sitch annoy you, you can mod it fairly easily to be a clean sweep.
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