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  1. Based on feedback we received from coffee lovers and enthusiasts across the UK on the Boilbrew this winter (2019), led to the development of the new Boilbrew 2.0 ! We took your, (and James Hoffmann's) feedback to heart, took Boilbrew off the market and went back to the drawing board ! We launched the new Boilbrew last month, and so far the feedback has been great, and since James hasn't jumped on creating a new product review yet, I though I could share it with you here myself ! What are the added features on the new Boilbrew? Stainless steel filter Lid Measuring scoop (6 gram) Cleaning brush Cotton pouch These features has taken Boilbrew to new heights when it comes to coffee brewing. We are now taking our next step on our UK based StartUp journey. Collaboration with Coffee Shops ! Looking for Coffee Shop Partners in the UK The feedback after adding the new features has been really good, so we are now looking to collaborate with UK based coffee shops to offer Boilbrew to more people in need! We offer the new Boilbrew at boilbrew.com for £24.99 with free UK shipping. For small bulk orders, we are offering good discounted prices ! At the moment (15th July 2019), we are looking for 45 Coffee Shops across the United Kingdom. Check out https://boilbrew.com/coffee-shop-partners-uk/ if you are interested, or know someone who might be interested. Big thanks to everyone who have helped us so far ! Feedback from members of UK Coffee Forum has been super valuable and helpful. As a thank you, we are now offering UK Coffee Forum Members 20% discount and free UK shipping on orders from boilbrew.com with the use of the code: UKCF-SUMMER2019 until 31st August 2019 ! Best, Patrick Heiberg Boilbrew on Instagram
  2. Boilbrew


    Thanks guys ! @jlarkin The filter has a micron of 100, which equals 0.1mm, so it's very fine. @RhysYes let the coffee brew freely in the brewing flask, and filter out the grounds though the filter when pouring. You can also use it for tea, adding the tea in the filter itself and use it as a infuser, and remove it when you feel its done. For coffee, the size of the filter is a little bit small for a pour over method. Mixing the coffee directly into the flask, gives it more space and a more evenly soak. 😉
  3. Boilbrew


    Hey guys ! Long time no see ! As @dfk41 mentioned, we stepped back to the drawing board, to address some challenging feedback. Nevertheless, it was amazing that James Hoffmann suddenly did a product review of Boilbrew on his YouTube Channel. It gave us valuable feedback, and if we had any doubts about the need for improvements before the review, we defiantly didn't have any doubts after reading though the comments !😅 At that point, we decided to pull Boilbrew from the market, since we didn't want to sell a product we knew we could improve ! Yesterday we relaunched via Instagram, Amazon UK, and Boilbrew.com ! Boilbrew 2.0 !
  4. Yes I agree, me telling you guys about my own product doesn't sound like an convincing strategy ! We are currently addressing this, based on a couple great suggestions we received here earlier.
  5. Hahaha Breaking Bad is amazing ! ;D
  6. Boilbrew


    Hi ! Cool that you have already found and added our video ! It's no Quentin Tarantino production, but hey, we all got to start somewhere right ! xD ..and yes, that's me in that video ! ;P Patrick
  7. Haha yea the rich and famous need coffee as much as us mortals xD Hope to include a variety of useful add-ons, improving aesthetic and new functions for more brewing options ! Thank for your wishes ! Much appreciated ! ;D
  8. Thank you for the question. As a new startup, I think it's important to be transparent, and listen to people around me, to continuously improve Boilbrew. Similarly to how French Press was inspired by a beaker, the design of Boilbrew have taken inspiration of the florence flask, alongside inspiration from the process of brewing with French Press and traditional Norwegian Kokekaffee (steeped coffee). The glassware is very robust, and the grip makes it a functional coffee brewing flask. The high quality argues this will be a one time purchase for a product you will hopefully get lots of value from, and enjoyment on daily basis. We only have a design patent on our Brewing Flask, since the brewing process (coffee+hot water) is possible to do with any flask or beaker on the market.
  9. I am sketch out the outline of how to go about to create a good Boilbrew recipe list with different types of coffee, grind sizes, coffee/water ratio, and brewing time. Me personally use Boilbrew every day, and I prefer a medium to fine grind, with a ratio of about 1:30 (15g coffee/460ml water), which might seem very weak, but adding patience, I brew it for about 7minutes+/-, and the result is a good, strong cup of black coffee. I don't usually (never), put milk in the coffee, but if you do, you might want to increase the ratio a bit.
  10. Yes I think a stopper/lid is a good idea ! As we are a small start-up, we had to focus our resources on the most important parts of the brewing flask, following a lean startup strategy.
  11. Close to perfect. Let the grounds soak and settle, and pour the coffee slowly. You will be able to see the grounds and how they eventually stick to the inside of the brewing flask. I have acouple pictures and a video on it on our Instagram page. If you search Boilbrew on YouTube, you will also find two videos we made. A comment from our first video, resulted in the creating of the second video. Check out the comments of both videos for an unbiased answer !
  12. We offer free worldwide shipping from boilbrew.com for a price of £29.90. Due to that fact it's a new product from an unknown company in a super competitive market at Amazon, we decided to reduce the price to £20.99 for now. For UK customers I suggest to buy it from Amazon.co.uk/boilbrew since it is a lot cheaper. We also offer the product to more than 80 countries through amazon.co.uk, but depending on the delivery address, Amazon shipping rates might be way too much, so if the total Amazon price is more than £29.90, I suggest buying it from our webpage for the best deal !
  13. Hi dfk41 ! Thank you for your words of wisdom ! Love your story, and I think it holds a very good point. Exposing yourself with something yu believe in, will always be subject to good and bad, but it's just part of life and being humans. I will reach out to Glenn about the possibilities for advertising. I am also putting down your name, since I really like your idea about offering a bargain to let people test out and give feedback on it ! Give me a couple days to organise something after I've had the change to reach out to Glenn ! Cool you took the time to share the story and some great suggestions ! xD
  14. Hey ! Really appreciate your suggestions ! I love the idea of being about to provide a whole range of brewing recipes ! Definitely something I will make sure sure !
  15. Hahaha well, similar to a condom, the silicone rubber grip makes a big difference !
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