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  1. Hello all! So, I'm off to Glastonbury on Saturday and my machine is going with me for the first time. It's going to be easiest to take UHT milk to use which I've not tried steaming before. After having a dig around the forum it seems to be entirely plausible, but I haven't got time to try loads before I go, can anyone recommend any particular ones to go for or avoid? Or is it all much of a muchness and should I just get a couple of cases from any supermarket and crack on? Thanks!
  2. Can I just expand on this - if you’re working on the electrics of your machine, it’s worth investing in a cheap multimeter to help troubleshoot. You can also use this to continuity test I.e check an electrical connection is or is not present. On any machine plugged into into the mains, any exposed metalwork should have a continuous connection to the earth pin on the plug that you can test with a continuity tester. It’s one of the most important things safety wise so I would encourage any / every one to check when finished working on your machine before plugging in, or after buying second hand. It could genuinely save your life.
  3. Im perplexed reading this thread - are you guys lifting the earth from your machines on a permanent basis? That's a move that potentially results in a Darwin Award... As for the earlier comment about copper pipes being used for earthing - they shouldn't ever be used for an earth. However, they have to be earth *bonded* as a safety precaution in order that if a piece of faulty electrical equipment in contact with the pipework became live, the RCD would protect you rather than a massive piece of copper in your house / building becoming live!
  4. I'd be interested in joining!
  5. pev

    La Spaziale S1 Mini

    I'd like to wrap up this thread by saying I picked up the S1 from @paul whu last week - had a brew and a great chat, was a pleasure to meet you, thanks! Have been slowly getting to grips with it since - I'm already making vastly superior shots than I managed previously and happy-as!
  6. Weight is king, but I prefer graduations as less faff...! The Eddington "Midi Measure" is great in theory as 100ml size and wide enough to take both sides of a double portafilter - however mine (and the other ones in the shop when I checked) is / are 10ml out on the graduations. That's a ridiculously wider error... Still, I know where the mark is that actually gives me what I want (verified by weight) so still kind of works.
  7. If I may suggest a few pointers - if using an existing DC supply from the machine, be wary that modern LEDs can use quite a lot of power so be wary of not overloading the existing supply which may not be sized suitably to cope with that much additional load. Overloading may result in unpredictable results such as the voltage becoming unstable or dropping, fuses blowing or the regulator overheating / failing. Using an auxiliary DC supply is a sound approach but Id make sure you use a good quality one from a "proper" UK based distributor of a known manufacturer as there are lots of cheap PSU's coming from the east which are really badly (dangerously) made. You generally can't go wrong with stuff sold by RS / Farnell / CPC etc. If using a power supply from the mains, make sure that you use (and test) the earth connection if one is needed. Situate it away from any possible source of liquid - that includes things that might possibly fail... Also make sure any potentially live conductor is insulated (invest in, and use heat-shrink of the right size, boots on spade connectors etc) Golden rule of course, especially if working on mains, is if even slightly unsure of what you're doing or the implications, check with an expert - preferably in person not a random on the internet (myself included!) :-)
  8. £50 "good condition apart from one pipe inside is gone" https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/289448561998712/
  9. No, but it brings me pleasure to enhance and adapt machinery in ways that I appreciate and lets not forget that pleasure is why we make the coffees in the first place :-)
  10. Ah, that's interesting, thanks - not seen those before, have you bought and used some? Seems like a reasonable price but I wonder if they're just cheap ones from aliexpress being re-sold which often seems to be the case unless branded otherwise...
  11. Im a bit surprised there isn't a dedicated forum here for machine hacking (!) anyway, I was looking at lights and was wondering what things people have gone with themselves? I've included below a load of useful info and links that I've found so far in case it helps anyone else digging around. I've seen a few people using ones from Ikea but Im not a fan as they're a bit plasticcy for my liking. Im really looking for ones that are better made with a stainless body and IP rated. (have some other projects in mind as well as espresso machines!) La Marzocco offer their own kit E.4.020.01 : https://lamarzoccousa.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/TB-108-Barista-Light-Kits.pdf This uses a MeanWell APC-12-350 transformer (RS in the UK 738-1561). The LEDs are a nice low-profile 16mm body. The LED inside is a Lumileds LXML-PWC2 but I can't find any reference to the part itself so I wonder if its custom made for LM? Ive seen photos of a couple of different versions so could just be generic far east parts too. I wondered about just picking up some of these from a parts supplier but they're £50 each! (Id anticipate to be around a £10 part if supplied from manufacturer...) La Spaziale seem to often have a very tidy looking LED strip light fitted to S8/S9 DSPs (seen on their IG on quite a few machines) eg : https://www.liminicoffee.co.uk/img/La%20Spaziale%20S9%202%20group%20DSP.png It's quite distinctive in its shape and I assumed it was a factory fit but it can't see any reference to it. Close photos look like a fairly generic aluminium LED extrusion with diffuser on a mounting plate however so shouldn't be hard to make up one. Espresso parts in the states sell an expensive kit over there : https://www.espressoparts.com/barista-light-espresso-machine-led-group-light-kit This uses a Meanwell LPH-18-12 transformer (RS in the UK 660-0246) - although this is a constant voltage driver (the LM one above is constant current and preferable) The LED's are "Microstar Tri Star Back Mount LED" (quite a mouthfull) which are nice low profile stainless-steel ones : https://www.microstarlight.com/tristar-back-mount-led-light https://www.microstarlight.com/sites/default/files/S0803-6.pdf They look nicely thought out and there are a few others in the microstar / tristar catalog that look interesting too. As is the way though, the distributers in the US look like they want a lot in postage and of course there's the mega import fees normally... I've also found a fair few of what seems to be called "LED Bolt Lights". I think this seems to be a term invented by 4x4 / off road drivers for the small led's they use. There are plenty of cheap looking generic ones around but a couple jumped out at me from "Atomic Tiger" and "Oznium" as they're talking about having gone through CE marking and offer High CRI LED versions as well which sound encouraging from a quality perspective if they care about that. (also their machining looks tidy) Oddly they also both seem to have identical mechanical drawings with different branding! Again though I can't find any UK suppliers but I've dropped them a line to see if they can supply small quantities direct... Anyone have any other useful ones to throw into the ring?
  12. When you say "usually" - what are the ones that arent and what do they do?
  13. Ah, thanks! Yeah, my local guy is that cheap too - most of his jobs a far higher volume than the bits i throw at him so we have an arrangement where Im happy to wait and piggy back onto other jobs and he only charges me £20! I'll have to look for a rubbish scrap machine to rip the panels off of and see how well it works. That could open up all sorts of interesting prospects!
  14. Thats interesting - do you know what your powder coaters do? I always thought you couldn't powder coat stainless easily. I guess they must blast and etch or something...?
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