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  1. pev

    La Spaziale S1 Timer

    Hiya, Has anyone got a La Spaziale S1 Timer (or counter) module they'd be willing to sell me, or even lend me for a week? (long story!) ~Pev
  2. Indeed - or lack of! 😂 Id put some up sooner if I could work out how to do it from my phone....
  3. Thank you @allikat it was the flipping obvious! 😂 Yep, it turns out that it does all sorts of unpredictable things and now Hand 2 as @jlarkin suggests does the job! Shame that it doesn't let you swap between modes easily though... I might keep my old set of scales for the beans given that it's a pain...!
  4. Was planning to when I get home - just wanted to get posted as,I keep forgetting! 😂
  5. I got this included with a machine I bought and whilst I thought I might want to play with it, I’m actually quite happy with the eureka specialita I have already. It’s in decent Nick with the ceramic burrs. Has a hopper and lid and both the ground bin and portafilter holder too. Offers? Collection from Frome near bath or I can deliver to Bristol / Newport area as often there.
  6. So, I picked up a brewista v1 off Gumtree for £20 and I’m stumped as to how to use it... to weigh beans! I’ve watched their videos and understand the auto modes etc but there doesn’t seem to be a manual mode and all the auto modes auto tare part way through weighing the beans. Am I being really dumb and missing something really obvious???
  7. My v5 has been usurped by a new machine and is now unloved back in a box and hoping for a new owner. Great condition and currently in Frome (near Bath) for collection or could maybe post but would rather not. Open to sensible offers!
  8. My (limited) experience of clones from the east is that they tend to clone aesthetics rather than mechanicals - for all you know could be 50mm burrs and a hamster wheel instead of an electric motor...
  9. Just saw a reference to one of these whilst browsing the interwebs...! https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Perfex-Commercial-NCG-550-Coffee-Grinder_62339417327.html
  10. Ah thank @coffeechap! The other thread was interesting to read - if you don't mind, ive got a few questions about yours! Do you use it regularly or is it more just for the joy of it? Ideally if I do one, id want it to be good enough to become my main grinder. How do you find the espresso grind? Many of the discussions on the German forums sound like they're saying that they won't go fine enough for espresso, even if they re-machine the housing and burr carriers... Did you find (or machine) new burrs or are they the originals? Any thoughts on them? Are there any parts that you found cant be replaced or re-created being vintage? Is there anything you'd choose to do differently if restoring again? Im still reading up a lot (i.e. surfing the web with intent), but even though I adore how the W1BN looks, it seem that the beautiful, but not quite as attractive EK2B might be more what I should personally hunt for as it uses 64.5mm burrs which I think offers more options, plus the housing for the grinder isn't part of the main motor housing casting which potentially offers more experimental options... Have you ever seen these yourself or have any thought? Thanks!
  11. Well that's the million dollar question of course! It does seem like some of the early ones have relatively small burrs and grinding chambers that are part of the motor housing casting, but some of the 50's / 60's ones look to be larger (65mm ish) and have grind sections that bolt onto the motor housing which could present interesting opportunities for adventures via CNC...
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