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  1. Great to know! Looking forward to receiving another one from Denis soon!
  2. These came in today. They are simply gorgeous! Thanks a lot @MildredM
  3. Something seems off with CFUK. In Coffee Lounge, last post is by MildredM an hour ago "What did the Postie bring you today" but when viewing the thread, last post is by Hardyboater 2 days ago. Did anyone notice that?
  4. Thanks a lot for sharing. Mine came with 3-hole tip. Let me try with 1.2bar and see how it goes while at the same time reach out to @Paolo_Cortese to ask for 4-hole tip or recommend something else compatible.
  5. I too find steaming milk difficult. I'm thinking perhaps a 2-hole tip (only 3-hole tip came with machine) will slow down the steaming and help milk to texture a bit longer. Anyone knows a 2-hole tip that is compatible? I have asked Paolo but haven't heard back. Perhaps as last option (reluctant as this is a new machine), I will also change to GB5 wand and Sproline Knife. Would you @dan1502 advise where I can buy those? Thanks.
  6. MC3 in silver under logo would be perfect! And Vesuvius, yes, as in the photo. Many thanks! Enjoy lunch!
  7. Thanks so much @MildredM I really the KafaTek design. Simple and nice. Would you kindly add MC3 to the design? For the Vesuvius, in spite of the size, it’s too shy to reveal its name and would benefit if you could add the name to make it shine brighter! [emoji38] I saw this. Would it be possible to do the same? And Happy Birthday! Hope you will have a fabulous day!
  8. Dear @MildredM When you have a moment, would you be so kind to share the design you have for ACS Vesuvius? I'm definitely getting one of the Kafatek designs (from Kafatek forum). Please do share if it has evolved! Thanks a lot.
  9. Thanks a lot @MrOrk and @Rom for taking time to check and respond. I have since confirmed with Paolo separately and also bought the machine. It's a big machine for my tiny place but loving what it can do!
  10. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to it. Building up some muscle along the way.
  11. Yes, huge favorable difference and loving it so far. It is still a chore grinding 18g espresso for Vesuvius though it was worse on the Hario!
  12. My Hario grinder broke. Bought the Kinu M47 Traveler as replacement. This is definitely another level!
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