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  1. The pressure gauge was meant to replace the temp gauge but alas, it was slightly too big for the hole and did not fit so I decided to leave it outside... The handles I had found on ebay... They add a nice touch.
  2. I would simply place them directly on the top. Then just bruah or vacuum underneath. Having another layer underneat only adds to more places were grinds and spilled water/coffee can go
  3. Nice, i am still thinking about getting a lever one day
  4. Nice work... Having your own home to drill and break is always best
  5. Yeah, I know too, but when I have guests they keep asking for these shitty syrupped lattes... Welll, now I managed to convince most of my friends out of them... In fact I think it's been a few months since I last used those bottles... Guess the pumps are all clogged hahha Thanks... We re-did the whole kitchen last year and this was an essential part of the new plans. If only I could manage to make it a tiny bit larger... Alas,
  6. Hi all, this is my current setup with an Ascaso Steel Duo Prof 2006 model, I added an OPV and a pressure gauge as well. I also made it plumbed in with a float valve in the water tank continuously filling it and having the drip tray plumbed to drain water... so convenient... Then I have a small drain to let cups/jugs drip off and a built in knock box and a small sink as well. yesterday I just installed a rhinowares spinjet pitcher rinser.. so much less messy than rinsing the jigs/cups under the tap... Grinder is a Magister (a rebadged Mazzer Super Jolly) with a cheapo funnel and rubber lens hood
  7. Hi There my name is Ian and I am from the sunny island of Malta in the Mediterranean... and I love COFFEE. currently I have an Ascaso Steel Duo Prof (2006 model). Bought it last year and been repairing it and upgrading it little by little... my next step is a PID which will hopefully gt it be a bit more stable. Then I have a Magister grinder (its basically a rebadged Mazzer Super Jolly). I also do French press and V60 pour over... what an addictive drug coffee
  8. My daily shot of self-love...

    An Almond Latte coffee 


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