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  1. So I think I previously incorrectly calibrated the Niche, as I just did it again (don't ask me how as it is a fairly easy process haha;)). I will test the new setting tomorrow morning
  2. Thanks! I still find it kind of strange though, I have calibrated the Niche a couple of times already as I saw that apparently I need to grind finer (always around the 10 setting). If I have the setting around 17 / 18 (as others mention above), the output resulting in 18gr in / 36gr out will be achieved in around 15 seconds give or take (all using naked portafilter with stock Rocket double basket). What could be plausible causes of this? (Pump pressure, distribution / tamping, or a combination)?
  3. Have the Niche for about a month now. Still experimenting a lot with the Niche and Rocket Appartamento (as this is my first espresso setup). Espresso grind setting for freshly roasted beans mostly between 9 and +/- 12 for 18 gr in +/- 36 out in around 30 seconds. Think this question might be asked a lot already, but do you start counting at first drop or when you start the waterflow?
  4. Great! Will comment on some more topics and will then send you a pm:good:
  5. MildredM, do you also ship internationally (Netherlands)? I'd love to purchase some embroidered towels for my Niche and Rocket? Tried to pm you but haven't got enough posts yet:(
  6. Hi all, Have been lurking around the forum for a couple of months now; figured I’d join up and show off my newely acquired setup. Ordered the Niche early January and received it a couple of weeks ago. Paired it up with a new Rocket Appartamento and have been highly caffeinated ever since haha:) Quite a learning curve and difference coming from a simple Nespresso machine, but there’s no way back now after making proper home made espresso from freshly roasted beans!
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