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  1. I’ve done it with my Lido-ET, finely ground mess. . . everywhere. You think it would be hard to miss the catch bin
  2. I just tried to follow their link on the ‘Articles’ page and it gave me a ‘server not found’, maybe it’s just on my end?
  3. I prefer the white over the gray-ish
  4. Great information, every little bit helps, this is a great start!
  5. Anyone else around the Salem Oregon area?
  6. I’m interested to here if you do the gas barbecue with rotisserie!
  7. Great looking towels! Will have to come up with something original for myself!
  8. Interested in different opinions and other gear from across the pond
  9. Mildred, did i I miss it r did you get word back from your friend about medical supply vials?
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