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  2. Welcome and we have the same machine:good:
  3. Im on my second machine now and chose the Sage DTP. Ive recently bought a Sage Smart Grinder Pro too, which has been the best addition!
  4. Ive always ordered my beans from North Star! Cracking coffee, brilliant service and great delivery!
  5. MattyH17

    Hey Hey

    Thanks . I was honestly shocked in the difference. I read it on here a while ago about the difference but thought, no, there cant be that much difference. Little upgrades over a 5/6 year period. Who knows what the next one will be! I do really like the Rocket Appartamento but seems a bit overkill for someone who just makes a couple of double espresso's a day?
  6. Duo Temp Pro definitely gets my vote:good:. Been faultless
  7. MattyH17

    Hey Hey

    Hey guys, Ive been lurking the forum for a while getting hints/tips etc. Ive had espresso machines for a good few years now. I started off with a basic Delonghi machine and steam wand, ive now got a Sage DTP which ive had for around 18 months/2 years and was using pre ground beans from North Star Coffee Roasters as i took a liking to some of their coffee. Around a month ago I took the plunge to buying the Sage Smart Grinder Pro and what an investment that has been. Ive been buying the same beans but as a whole bean and grinding myself and WOW what a difference it has made in my coffee!! I also have an upgraded tamper. Motta 53mm Matt
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