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  1. If it is one of the valves on the top of the boiler, before replacing, it's worth just tapping them first to see if reseating / moving them helps solve the issue.
  2. To resurrect an old thread ... what was the verdict on this coffee? Three's Wuntu rewards app is offering 400g for £8 delivered (a "60% saving") - is the coffee really worth the full price, or even the reduced price? I've seen no other chat in these forums about it.
  3. If I disconnect the flexible braided piping and let the pump push water through that, I get a flow of about 450ml per minute. Through the group head, I get about 200ml per minute. The coil vertically above the pump seems to have no magnetic field outside when the machine is attempting to fill. It has a resistance of 1.2k across the blue/purple terminals. I connected the pump to a pressure gauge and it's only 6 bar! So mystery solved ... is it an ULKA EX5 I need? Fracino themselves said model E, EP40, but I've heard recommendations here for the EX5.
  4. EDITED again: There is no water flowing out down the front nozzle or back into the water tank when attempting to draw water through the grouphead.
  5. I just started descaling my cherub as I thought my problem was likely to be caused by loose scale. But I noticed that when I filled the water tank with descaler and switched on to fill the boiler, it aborted with the low water alarm. Now, this is not unusual - in the past it has always timed out once, with me needing to flick the switch off/on to initiate a second fill cycle. But this time, it took a third cycle. I think this indicates that I need a new pump rather than descaling? Where's the best source for pumps, Fracino themselves?
  6. I have similar issues with my cherub. It does not sound like the noise when you are backflushing - there is some flow, but it is quite weak, and the pump noise fluctuates. I descaled 6 weeks ago, so could well be a bit of dislodged scale which has stuck somewhere? How should I best investigate? Is it ever worth descaling again to try to get rid of a partial blockage? I know a full blockage does not let descaler get into the places it needs to get, but with partial there may be a chance?
  7. Hello, I've just realised that the code I used last time has changed! Would anybody be able to send me the new code please? Thanks
  8. gwapenut

    Black Friday

    I said earlier I got an sms/email ... Mine has just been delivered
  9. gwapenut

    Black Friday

    I got a Royal Mail email and SMS this morning
  10. Where did the discount code come from, are there any terms attached such as new customers only?
  11. My own tamper is a terrible fit. Are there any good value recommend tampers for VSTs?
  12. gwapenut

    Black Friday

    What would the normal price be for the CC offering?
  13. If you don't ask, you don't get. If it were me selling and I wasn't in a hurry then I'd probably "try my luck" first before thinking about realistically how low I'd go. Go for it.
  14. gwapenut


    Hi all, Any views on beans from Garraways? I've been very impressed by their Caffe Prima range of pods, but haven't seen much recent feedback on their beans - and reports here have been generally positive over the years but with a few complaints mixed in about beans that are too oily.
  15. I'm about to do my annual descaling of the cherub, have run out of my old gaggia-induced stock of puly baby and am looking at moving towards citric acid. Is this a decent choice? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Citric-Quality-ecological-descaler-NortemBio/dp/B019Y3KHW4/ref=sr_1_1?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1482767659&sr=1-1&keywords=citric+acid+food+grade
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