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  1. I love the book The Coffee Trader from D.Liss, it's strange I remember it often after all those years. Maybe it's time for a re-read, I am sure you'll like! If you are entrepreneurial, you'll love the book about about Coffee Republic "Anyone Can Do It", before Starbucks came to the UK. Also great is a new tamper, there are so many of them, different weights and surfaces you can experiment with!! Check: https://youtu.be/Ci6Gfg8ATPQ?t=1257
  2. Okay, no problem, I will also think about it:) What's the shot count may I ask and have you got a pic showing serial number/year?
  3. I started with tha Rancilio Rocky SD which is great A level up could be a Mazzer Super Jolly which is amazing or Compak K3 Touch (both are better than the Rocky).
  4. Okay I understand how you feel but 1.3 is very high for me atm. I think not many ppl buy it due to price and size, they seem to stay around for some time and I think you need to get them sold soon. Hm, to make it fair for both of us, I can do £1.1K so that you don't need to wait any longer and also to get it done, what do you think? I would be able to pick it up plus cover fuel.
  5. 70% Nicaragua Flor Silvestre 30% Myanmar Ywangan
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-SES875BKS-The-Barista-Express-Machine-Black-Sesame-Integrated-FREE-SHIPPING/323691281764?hash=item4b5d80fd64:g:BPoAAOSwo~dcYiiS
  7. I started with this: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnIN1_vQvSzzBElyPPu2xIA
  8. how urgent do you need one (pre-2015)? thinking of upgrading in due course.
  9. I like to offer £1000 for the grinder. Ready to pick up tomorrow or when you are available now.
  10. Know it's an older post but wondering how your experience is so far with this machine compared to the classic? Is the taste/quality much better or the difference minimal/small? Would love to know more about your journey/experience so far:)
  11. How is the difference in taste and quality? Do you drink espresso or latte mostly? Love to know everything about your experience as I am looking to upgrade, too! Thanks a lot!
  12. Hi All Using the steam wand (silvia), I noticed that some steam comes out of the main group head when steaming milk. Had this for a long time but wondering if you have the same experience?
  13. Was the difference in coffee taste very big after upgrading from the Rancilio Silvia ? (i.e. did it surprise/shock you in some way - positively - or do you think it was more minimal?)
  14. Hi All Just wondering if home roasting is recommended when still working on the home barista skills. Would love to create my own blend but am worried about consistency and quality. Tried to roast almonds but always struggle with the consistency (there are always the ones which are not roasted well enough). Can this be balanced with a special roasting machine/equipment?
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