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  1. @joe would you accept £300 including postage?
  2. Excellent! How many gms is each dose? You may have a market here if you decide to make some more.........🙂😃
  3. Hi Gilly, welcome to the forum.
  4. Nice!! How do you find it?
  5. Fabulous! Mldred, do you have an LR AND a La Pavoni? 🙂
  6. Love these towels and that logo. Nice La pav too, I'm really thinking of getting one.
  7. These little beauties arrived this morning. Thanks to Nick @Nicknak for all his efforts and skill and also to @Nick1881 who provided such accurate measurements. I love em...........😍😁
  8. Paladin Mass Effect
  9. Hi @IanP is the Dry Residue @ 180C - 85.0mg ok. I thought the recommended amount was around 120-130.
  10. Thanks @Ladycoffeegeek, i'll check that out.
  11. Thanks for the advice @coffeechap , I'm pretty new to all this and certainly don't need anything complicated. I'll have to wait for a second hand Londinium bargain! 😁🤣
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