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  1. Hi Mildred, which is which, sorry I don't know anything about these grinders.
  2. @jimbojohn55 I have a major and would be interested in the doser lid and the lens hood lid cap.
  3. Oh yes, very nice, but I'm betting I can't afford one of those either!
  4. hehe, if I had lots of spare cash I'd buy a Londinium, but unfortunately I don't, so...... a La Pav may manage to scratch the itch.........:-)
  5. Yes, a nicknac steam tip would be first on my list.👍
  6. Operandi Opera ( and Di ) I really like opera..............😎😉
  7. We always have milk, so would a europiccola or a professional be better for the steaming.......
  8. I have a really lovely machine, a Lelit Bianca and I love it, but for some reason I'm hankering after a La Pav. I obviously don't need one, but please give me some reasons why I should or shouldn't get one. 😁
  9. Obidi

    Supermarket Beans

    Hi, which beans do you like from the hypermarche?
  10. it has 83mm titanium burrs. It is a doser, and to be honest, I would prefer to single dose, but it's no big deal really.
  11. I'm looking at one on ebay too, an MXD . Just wondering if it would be an upgrade from my mazzer major? Can anyone advise?
  12. Thanks, sorry but above my budget. It's going to be nearing £400 by the time I factor in courier costs. Nice machine glwts.
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