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  1. Thanks Dave, this is he minima, is it the same procedure for the bianca?
  2. Hi Dave, can you tell me how to remove the shower screen on the lelit bianca please.
  3. Obidi

    New Posts?

    Just the default theme. Not sure I like it much though.
  4. Obidi

    New Posts?

    I saw the 'unread content' button, but I don't think thats the same as new posts.
  5. Obidi

    New Posts?

    Just come online to find the 'new posts' button has disappeared. Can anyone enlighten me?
  6. It's been a couple of months since I got my machine and started trying latte art. It's very difficult! Anyway, I'm starting to get something now......................not quite sure what it is though....:-) [ATTACH=CONFIG]40369[/ATTACH]
  7. Hi, welcome to the forum.
  8. If anyone has one lying around they don't use.
  9. Just seen this, didn't realise I needed this :-) now I really want one! A good deal with the discount and free postage, not so without unfortunately :-(
  10. Being new to all this I'm very envious of all your fab latte art. Here's one from yesterday, not easy in my large cup, but passable I suppose. :-) [ATTACH=CONFIG]40299[/ATTACH]
  11. OMG, your setup is very cool!
  12. Obidi

    O o h

    That's very scary, and I'm so glad that you're home and feeling a little better. Obviously the quality coffee helped! Rest up and stay healthy.
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