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  1. Hehe, that's brilliant!
  2. Completely agree, very odd series of posts.........
  3. I have to agree with this, the op's posts are all over the place.
  4. Wow, looks messy, glad all ok and nobody was hurt.
  5. Welcome Ciaran, you're not far from where I used to live (Whitworth)
  6. Great work, great idea as usual.
  7. Oh no, I've been following this thread with real interest, I hope you can mend your little Pav............
  8. I have the motta and have the same problem. My machine is the lelit bianca, the tamper that came with it is ( I think) 58.5. I'm wondering if there are alternatives to the St. Anthony as they're a little expensive for my budget.
  9. A work of art!!! Beautiful. I've got Londinium envy............:-)
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