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  1. Do you do the milton cleaning with all the filters installed?
  2. Any opinion about Osmio Hydrogen Bottle? There are a few youtube videos showing it as not the best on the market, but anyone tested it actually? The technology used there is not really clear for me, is it safe? thanks
  3. Got it delivered yesterday, probably will wait to the time when I need to replace the filters so I can play with the old ones, I have asked here with the hope that someone checked it already
  4. Hi! Maybe a strange question but is it hackable? asking as the ro membrane 50GPD could cost below 10GBP, the same story with a bag of brewing activated carbon. Did anyone try to open the filter "boxes" and check if there is any simple way to replace them with generic ones or refill? What is inside the first filter installed at the bottom of the 5l tank? what about square remineralization filter, what is the lifespan of it? I am new here and not so sure if this is the right place for me, I am a bit technical person and I'd love to take a little bit more out of everything around me when p
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