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  1. ckrhodes

    Brewista Smart Scale

    I am willing to pay a bit more than but I was expecting a counter offer. There's brand new V2's on amazon for £64 there's no way a V1 is worth £40. It's up to @Dunk
  2. ckrhodes

    Brewista Smart Scale

    I've seen V2's been sold for less than £40 on here and I've also seen V1's been sold for around £20 - £25. £40 for a V1 is way too high.
  3. ckrhodes

    Brewista Smart Scale

    @Dunk How about £20?
  4. ckrhodes

    Brewista Smart Scale

    @Dunk How much are you looking for them?
  5. ckrhodes

    Brewista Smart Scale

    @Dunk Are you still selling the Brewista Scales? I might be interested. Also sorry to swoop in guys!
  6. Hi guys! I've seen images of these very specific style of coffee cups but I can't seem to find if they have a certain name or where to source them. I found this image of some on etsy but they are tiny for espresso whereas I am looking for a latte size. Thanks,
  7. Thanks for all the offers guys! But I've just recently picked up a Eureka Zenith so no longer need a grinder
  8. @Mr Kirk Okay how about £275? That's the highest I can offer.
  9. Would you take £250 collection?
  10. Hi guys, I'm looking for my first grinder to start getting into espresso and preferably wanting to spend between £100 - £200. I MAY be willing to spend over £200 for the right machine if you can persuade me. I'm happy buying used for the best deals. I'm not set on any specific grinder, but I'd like something timed. I do like the look of the Eureka Mignon Specialita but I'm not completely set on a specific machine so if you have a grinder you want to sell let me know and I might be interested! I live in Nottingham but I'm willing to travel for collection. Thanks guys, Callum
  11. @aled Okay I’ll accept £270 collection. Should I PM you? Thanks, Callum
  12. @aled No problem at all mate. This weekend has had some great weather so I don't blame you! Would you do £260?
  13. The Eureka Zenith does look a better grinder but sadly I’m limited by budget. £200 is my top and I’ve seen Super Jolly’s cheaper than £200 hence why I’m looking for one of them or similarly priced grinders. Can you do me a better price than £300?
  14. Hi there! I'm not fully set on a Super Jolly I'm just looking for a good quality grinder so I'm definitely to open to other machines. What kind of price were you looking for?
  15. Hi mate, Would you be willing to take £250 cash on collection? Cheers, Callum
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