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  1. Thanks for all the info guys! I've been experimenting with different methods, and always find my pour-over's to not be a great coffee experience compared to a latte. Compared to instant coffee it's a massive step up, but I feel like I can't taste the flavour notes of the coffee like I can with a latte/espresso. I actually haven't bought a pour-over from anywhere else other than what I've made myself, so I have nothing to compare to haha. I make 2 drinks almost every day at 30g coffee to 500ml water, as well as rinsing the filter that's probably around 600/700ml water per pour-over. It's
  2. Just wondering what water everyone uses for a Pour-Over / Filter coffee. At the minute I've been brewing with a normal kettle in order to get high temps, and have been using tap water all this time. I'd like to step up my pour-overs by using better water but I feel it would be a waste to use so much bottled water every time I make a coffee, which is usually 1 or 2 times a a day.
  3. Hi guys, I'm a fan of fruity coffee and recently I saw a blend from Perky Blenders that had Coconut listed in the tasting notes. I was really interested and I went ahead and bought a bag but soon found out they had changed the blend, and I never got to try them. Although I've still got a craving for some coconut tasting notes. Does anyone know of any beans I could buy? Mostly brewing for espresso. Thanks,
  4. That's fine then, I'll still take it at asking Will send you a PM shortly
  5. That's what I was thinking, if it is the official Barista Hustle one I think I'll take that at asking please!
  6. That Pullman handle looks nice but is a little out of my budget Which do you think is better between the Motta Competition and the Black Anodised tamper?
  7. @Saltydog Perfect! I'm happy with PayPal Friends & Family if you are. I've never used it but I just did a quick Google search and it seems there's no fee. To answer Simon's original question: I thought I had the original box, but I've looked everywhere and I can't seem to find it. I even went to my Grandmother's house as I put a few boxes in her loft haha. Is this is a problem for you? I'll make sure to find a suitable box anyway and I'll ensure it's packaged well. Thanks, Callum
  8. @Mr Kirk Thanks for your reply! I've made some fantastic coffees with it, but the Niche just suits me better.
  9. Hey guys! I'm looking to sell my Eureka Zenith 65e Grinder as I've just bought a Niche Zero. I bought this back in February of this year from a forum member who, I believe, also bought it from another forum member. The burrs are in fantastic condition, and its 65mm Flat Burrs makes great coffee. The only reason I'm selling it is because it just doesn't match my workflow. I'm constantly switching between different brew methods, and I switch up my beans quite regularly too. All this means I waste a lot of coffee as I have to purge quite a lot. For anyone that's looking for an on-demand
  10. Hi guys! I've seen images of these very specific style of coffee cups but I can't seem to find if they have a certain name or where to source them. I found this image of some on etsy but they are tiny for espresso whereas I am looking for a latte size. Thanks,
  11. ckrhodes

    Eureka zenith

    @Mr Kirk Okay how about £275? That's the highest I can offer.
  12. ckrhodes

    Eureka zenith

    Would you take £250 collection?
  13. @aled Okay I’ll accept £270 collection. Should I PM you? Thanks, Callum
  14. @aled No problem at all mate. This weekend has had some great weather so I don't blame you! Would you do £260?
  15. Hi mate, Would you be willing to take £250 cash on collection? Cheers, Callum
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