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  1. Yesterday I found myself at the Malongo coffee shop inside Monoprix at Cap 3000, Nice. They make a big thing about roasting on demand and have several green coffees to choose from. No Kopi Luwak this time (thankfully) which I'd seen at their old store before their relocation and refit. They did have Jamaican Blue Mountain, a Panamanian coffee, a Vietnamese coffee and something from Peru. I know I'm not being very specific about bean types but I didn't end up buying anything because I quickly lost interest. The roaster is in full view in the shop and only takes a few minutes. I asked for 500g of the Panama in a light roast. Quelle horreur! They only have one roast - and it's dark ? Crowd unimpressed ? It seems a complete waste to offer roasting on demand and then only have one roast level. Fortunately I'm still working through my standard lighter roast Guatemala Maragogype so there isn't a caffeine emergency yet.
  2. G'day Australia! ? Excuse me for asking, but this is your first post and you're replying to a post that's nearly seven years old. That made me curious downright suspicious. The most likely way you'd have come across this thread is either by doing a web search for Bonsoy or if you were alerted to the discussion about Bonsoy by a company such as Brandwatch. Brandwatch scours this forum and others as well as social media for posts about products on behalf of brand owners. Do you, by any chance, work for Bonsoy?
  3. The article linked to states that 400mg per day is a maximum but doesn't give a source for this recommendation. It seems that it may come from the US Food and Drug Administration I don't actually know how much caffeine I consume because I've not had the coffee I make assayed for caffeine content. Caffeine content varies by bean type and extraction method. If I follow Caffeine Informer's espresso level of 77mg from 7g of coffee then each mug I drink has 308mg of caffeine. I'll usually have four or five of those a day plus additional caffeine from tea. Most days my entire liquid intake is coffee and tea.
  4. In a typical week I will have been awake at least once every minute of the twenty four hour clock. My coffee consumption and sleep are unrelated. It's not unusual for me to have a pint of coffee before I go to sleep. A recent study of the effects of coffee (and tea) on sleep is interesting; Drinking coffee before bed does not affect quality of sleep, study finds
  5. Well, the title should say it all. Inspired by the Rate My Brew Slurry [RMBS?] thread, this is for those of us who don't have a slurry and wouldn't know how to rate one if they did Here's a pretty typical example of my regular puck:
  6. gangrene (hope that doesn't put anyone off their coffee )
  7. ...and I've just mixed the remaining 18g of Finca Tamana espresso roast from Colombia Coffee Roasters with 10g of Vietnamese Blue Dragon Robusta from Cardew which gives a drinkable blend. By itself, the Blue Dragon has a bit of a burnt rubber taste.
  8. I grind 28g of medium to light roast beans to a very fine grind (3 on an original version Gaggia MDF which is finer than Illy pre-ground espresso) I add water at 85C up to the 4 on the AeroPress and stir. Then I gently insert the plunger but don't bother to pull it back slightly and leave it for at least four minutes. I stir again and then plunge forcefully - which is really hard work. To finish I add hot water and a small amount of milk to my mug to give me a pint of coffee.
  9. For making coffee while camping, I think one of these would be my ideal choice
  10. Yes, I sometimes mix the remains of one bag with a few beans from the next. I generally find that a 250g bag gives me nine 28g doses almost exactly so I will often have a slightly weaker or stronger last mug from a bag.
  11. It might be worth contacting Hasbean which seems to be an importer of Rattleware. It's not shown on their website but perhaps they could get some in their next shipment - https://www.hasbean.co.uk/collections/rattleware?page=1
  12. caffn8me


    In yesterday's muppetry, I made a special trip to Oxford to buy coffee from Cardew and Colombia Coffee Roasters (both in Oxford's Covered Market) and managed to leave a bag of coffee at the latter. Fortunately, I've still got a bag in the freezer which I can take to France with me next week.
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