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  1. Yeah I had a feeling someone would say that. It was just for ease at that time.
  2. Hi all. Me and my wife love going out for a coffee a few times a week. We finally made the decision to buy a machine for home. We bought a delonghi dinamica 350.55.B. To start we just nipped to out local Starbucks for some beans as we know which coffee we like from there. We got caffe verona dark roast. That's what they told us they use in the coffee we were drinking. Now the thing is at home it tastes absolutely nothing like we drink from Starbucks. In fact it tastes pretty bland. We mostly use our local coffee shops but chose Starbucks as we knew the defiantly sold the beans. Any help on setting our machine up properly would be greatfully received. I like my coffee strong ish but a little creamy. Thanks everyone..
  3. Morning. Finally joined this forum after lurking for a month or so looking through reviews and finally bought our first machine. We got a delonghi dinamica 350.55.B The questions will start 😂 Thanks everyone.
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