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  1. So it’s been a bit of while making coffee with my cracked “detachable” handle but @jimbojohn55 has now done me a lovely replacement in African Blackwood. Looks very classy IMHO ?
  2. I did phone them the other day. They said that although they were not showing on the website they can be ordered by phone.
  3. Think I’m just going to have to bite the bullet and order a new PF ☹️
  4. I see there is someone in Australia that makes them https://wilcoxcoffeeparts.eu/product-category/breville/ but was hoping for something closer to home.
  5. Thanks for the reply Jim. Would be looking for something more towards black. Do you still make them? Cheers Nick
  6. Reviving an old thread here I know but my Oracle Bakelite handle has fractured after 3.5 years knocking out and I am loathed to buy a whole new portafilter. I see from earlier in the thread that @jimbojohn55 makes rather nice wooden replacements. Seems I can’t send a PM until I have made 5 posts so hoping he might see this. Cheers.
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