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  1. mine have just arrived. very excited by these, of all the lsol beans i've had over the last few years, the drop coffee beans we had previously were to me the absolute standout beans - if these are even half as good they will be excellent. great early christmas present. thanks hairy_hogg for arranging. love the photo!
  2. Finished my bag this morning, really enjoyed it, one of my favourite coffees this year (well last year now I suppose). I'm guessing this is an Ethiopian natural, has a definite funky fruitiness and some floral undertones to it, with a hint of nuttiness as well. I'm rubbish at narrowing down the flavous so that's the best I can do. Looking forward to the big reveal... Thanks for organising another great LSOL, and well done to Foundry for pulling this off in such a short timeframe.
  3. really looking forward to trying these, another roaster i've been meaning to check out so was a nice surprise when i got these as hadn't see these were coming. @fatboyslim, i know it's a bit off topic, but would be interested to hear your thoughts on the oatly barista as i bought a few cartons last week to try out - any tips on using this and what do you think of it in comparison to the alternatives? haven't had a chance to give it a try yet as i've been ill this week and caffeine free . did try their organic version last week and found it ok but a touch sour, but that might perhaps be down to overheating it?
  4. finished my 500g this morning huge thanks to @fatboyslim and @Daren for this month's lsol - i've really enjoyed it a lot, a really interesting coffee and one i probably wouldn't normally have picked myself going on the tast description from the drop website. that's one of the things that's so good about lsol, you end up trying beans you'd never normally go for (or have the chance to try) and expanding your horizons. like many others, ended up going way finer than usual for espresso - pretty close to the chirrup point on the e8. got the lime acidity and a sort of herbal aftertaste which i assume is the hibiscus that most people mentioned (i've no idea what hibiscus tastes like!). found more of a wine/apple acidity with a slightly coarser grind, but too fine and i got the unpleasant woody characteristics that urbanbumpkin described. i found the video on the drop website worth a watch as well if you haven't watched it. can't wait for the next lsol! you've set the bar high though...
  5. congratulations deansie, great prize, very jealous. thanks to cc and glenn as ever, always love a raffle
  6. Well done jeebsy, great to see you getting such positive reviews and good luck with the café, I'm sure it will be a huge success with your knowledge and passion. Respect for taking the plunge, with all your hard work you deserve whatever success comes your way.
  7. And congrats Daren, your posts always make me smile, keep it up with the "total crap and mickey taking"
  8. Very sad to see this. Was on their site last week and suspected things were afoot when they had no beans for sale. Really enjoyed the coffee I had from them and liked their whole philosophy, but it just goes to show that producing a high quality product at a reasonable price isn't always enough, particularly with the current uncertainty and the level of competition in this market. A sad day, but i wish them well with whatever they end up doing next.
  9. p.s. congrats on your new toy. it's a great grinder - i think you made the right choice, but then i would say that cos i've got one
  10. if you want to single dose, this looks a good option to me: http://www.oehandgrinders.com/OE-Short-Stack-Compak-Mini-Hopper-with-Bean-Weight_p_57.html been tempted to get one myself, but i don't change beans enough at the moment to justify it
  11. Thanks fluffles, really looking forward to this, and perfect timing for me
  12. happy birthday @Scotford - and be thankful you're not as old and decrepit as me
  13. Don't know if it's been suggested before, but maybe a forum day focusing on latte art would be a good idea. I know I'd be up for that.
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