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  1. Ahhh thanks all. So is there any need/point to use proper espresso ground coffee in a pressurised basket?
  2. Hi, I didn't have myself down as a complete idiot but here's the thing... I'm planning to get a dual temp pro but in the meantime I'm using a delonghi machine that I don't have too many issues with but I suddenly realised I've been using normal ground coffee which isn't ground fine enough for espresso machines, all year. Is this an issue still given it's a pressurised basket? If so, have I just been making crap coffee? Or slowly killing my machine? Matt
  3. Thank you both, extremely helpful!
  4. Hi, I'm just looking at getting a coffee machine (reading up on this forum!). In terms of grinder, I've been using a blade one for years (delonghi kg49) for my cafetiere coffee. I understand that this isn't likely to be able grind fine enough for an espresso machine, but does this mean using this grinder, the coffee literally won't work/will damage the espresso machine, or won't be at it's optimum in terms of taste? (I'm thinking I'll blow my money on the espresso machine so wanted to hold out a bit longer until getting a new grinder ?)
  5. Could I just ask -is the Chinese model inferior in the coffee it makes or less reliable (or both)?
  6. It does look that way, however the tray has large drainage holes which the drips miss, rolling down the curve and onto the work surface below - if it could angle another 10mm to the left all would be fine.
  7. Sorry I didn't see REPLIES to this - Out of interest which did you buy?
  8. Sorry I didn't see results to this - Out of interest which did you buy?
  9. AHH thank you, that clears things up. Just looking at the duo pro - I will do some reading on the subject. Much appreciated all!
  10. So I had been making what I found very nice coffees on a delonghi machine for the past 6 months, unfortunately it's broken for the second time and will not be being replaced. I have received a refund and am looking to get something nice and reliable. I have been reading some posts about the classic on this forum and have been looking online for one however I'm a bit confused by different model numbers, years and prices. Is there a significant difference in model number and year and how much should I be paying for a new one (seem to go from just over £200 -£400 for the same model). Also are there any online retailers people would particularly recommend? Any thoughts much appreciated.
  11. Hi, I'm a novice coffee maker. Love coffee and have just bought a de'longhi Sculptura. I realise this is an entry level machine (Which best buy) but I have really enjoyed the few coffees I've made, however... While the machine heats up, the steam wand drips, I'm not sure if it should or it shouldn't, but the problem is that the position of the wand means that the drips hit the edge of the tray and run off onto the worktop underneath. I can't see how this can be avoided and I think it's a design fault - unless it shouldn't be dripping at all? Trying to work out if I need to return it or just accept I need to wipe the bench after every use. Any thoughts much appreciated.
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