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  1. Hello,I'm considering the purchase of a QM Stretta 0820, but I seem to have read that the PF and the baskets are specific. In other words, we could not place VST baskets, IMS or E & B Lab. Can owners confirm it to me?I also saw a used QM EVO 3140, but I wonder if we approach the result in a cup of a machine with Rossi group (ex: Lelit PL 41 Plus PID). I do not need to mount the milk, so the double thermoblock is not useful to me, but is the thermoblock for coffee as efficient as a boiler? It seems to me that there is a PID ... I also wonder if the doses are really volumetric. So, again, if a possessor could inform me.Stretta or 3140: in both cases it is a machine to put in the office, the advantages of the thermoblock (speed of heating, no water remains in the machine once the tank removed because it is a machine that will be regularly moved, especially during the holidays), etc.) would be appreciated. So if there is no big loss side result in a cup compared to a Rossi, it could tempt me.Good day to you !
  2. Hello, I am still discovering the Robot; I enjoy ... Having no pressure gauge, and to appreciate the pressure, I thought to put a scale under the robot during the shooting. How much do I measure in kg? (especially the value not to be exceeded). Thank you and see you soon.
  3. Bonjour, cet article est pour ceux qui hésitent à acheter la bande en acier inoxydable, pour Rocket Appartamento. Cela ajoute vraiment à l'esthétique générale de la machine. J'ai volontairement placé dans cette direction car les gobelets ne peuvent pas tomber de dos et, en plus, vu le prix que je veux le voir!
  4. hello, I bought my Robot on a German site that imports the Robot. Impeccable packaging. First impression on the Robot: well built, "breathes" the well done. I only made one shot, with, on the grinder, the same setting as for the Rocket Appartamento. But it is already very good ! The hard part is going to be to pack it up, because it's for my birthday, at the end of March ...
  5. Hello everyone, I arrive on this forum (I attend a French forum for a year), with all my excuses for my mastery of English. I just received the NZ. A shot to show how I place the basket. The stainless steel bowl serves to weigh and maintain the filter holder.
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