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  1. Hi Dave. Around March last year. James sent me a new spring today.
  2. Hi. Does anyone have any steps to replace the spring, to prevent the coarser creep?
  3. Can someone send me a code and I'll give them a go. Thank you.
  4. I had this same issue with my Motta tamp and distributor. My basket is 58.5(approx) and my tamp measured slightly less than 58mm, hence room for the grounds to be missed, to stick onto the sides. My St Anthony is ~58.4mm and I get little to no grounds on the side on the basket. To remedy with the Motta, I gently tapped the lugs of the portafilter with the tamp to bring the excess off the sides for compacting. Did it affect the taste? Reduce channeling? I always knocked them off the sides before tamping, so I can’t attest.
  5. The wood turning maverick @Nicknak sent me these today. Very pleased. Thank you!
  6. I live in York so I’ll feed into this for anyone’s future reference. In my opinion Kiosk is the place to go for coffee. Predominantly supplied by Darkwoods. Russ is a top bloke and he makes really nice food (albeit he does take his time depending on his mood). https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/1014437141/kiosk-project-space/ Attic is ok, solid when I frequented a few years back. Good place for a few quite beers though. Spring has been hit and miss for me recently, usually it’s ok (Red Brick). Had the sourest flat white I’ve ever had the other day
  7. I’ve just had my first few shots of Rocko and I’m amazed at how much the berry flavour comes through. I usually disregard the flavour profile spiel but it’s accurate here. Quite lovely. 18g in 36/38g out ~30/32s.
  8. blankets

    Niche Pimpin’

    Looks so well matched. Shipped my PF off for Nick today. Excited.
  9. Yup it’s the removable/adjustable water tank. I wanted more counter space to the left and back. It’s a really nice feature.
  10. Hi Rob, Great combo How many seconds flush are you doing approximately ? My father in law just got his today and we’ve been eye balling it until his group head thermometer comes.
  11. I am. It’s a Brucey bonus before work, having such a nice coffee (even more so with 2 babies), with a workflow I love. It’s a step up, but the Barista Express gave me good foundations and good tasting coffee, so I wouldn’t regret getting one if budget constrains. The father in law received his Lelit Mara today, that’s rather good too.
  12. I think finding this place might have something to do with it. Lelit Bianca, Niche, St Anthony Industries Tools, LWW Cellar.
  13. blankets

    Lelit Bianca

    Here it is, pride of place in a new kitchen.
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