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  1. This place always amazes me with the frequency of relevant topics. I’ve just lubed my Bianca cam lever and was looking for something similar. I ended up with these https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B0183ZIDZC?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title As noted by @Cuprajake with the plastic jaws on, I couldn’t get enough grip so ended up taking them off and wrapping some electric tape around to make the initial crack.
  2. For those looking for 5mm replacements I used this site https://www.thehosemaster.co.uk/y-hose-repair-connector/
  3. Ok, all done. Top tip about the threaded screw @DavecUK. It was faffy and I had to take the panel off to get access to the last tube, but I'll leave it off until the new connector arrives. The original part was a 5/32 (4mm) tefen, I've got 2x brass 3/16" (5mm) ID Y Hose Repair Connectors on the way. I figure I'll replace the other, given I've no confidence in the part. @John Yossarian It was discoloured, at the break point, so maybe. There's a post on home-barista about the same failure. Here's the solution the latest Bianca's are shipping with, so perhaps it's a known issue.
  4. Thanks as always. The failed Y join has completely disintegrated in the tubes, making it hard to pull out. Would you recommend replacing the tubing? If yes, any ideas on size, and where from? I’m assuming it doesn’t need to be food safe.
  5. Bellabarista, already sent an email. I was just hoping to get ahead of their response to reduce coffee downtime edit: I found the parts diagram, "Lelit MC532 Y Joint Pipe".
  6. Hi, I noticed a leak this morning underneath the drip tray. I popped the top and it looks like the service boiler tube connector to the drip tray(?) has failed. What are the blue connectors called? I'm assuming the fix is simply to replace connector and reattach the three tubes.
  7. To update this for anyone interested. I sent the grinder back for repair. It was collected from my house. To debug the issue, the following steps were completed: change springs (no effect) change outer burr plate (no effect) clean threads (no effect) changed bean funnel (no slip on 3 passes) I'll receive in back tomorrow. James (Niche) has been very responsive, it's been a good experience dealing with him.
  8. Yes, I did a clean pass on everything.
  9. You'll have to forgive the mix up, I've always referred to isopropyl as rubbing alcohol. So here's the picture, adjustment ring completely cleaned and degreased bottom, top, black notch ring…
  10. What black bit are you talking about I initially thought you were referring to the adjustment ring (as in the black under ring can be removed), but yes, I cleaned the black setting face once the adjustment ring was removed. I double checked and I used diluated Isopropyl (with distilled water).
  11. Thanks @DavecUK I did try the adjustment as per your video, without much success. Just so I'm clear, the black bit doesn't detach from the shiny ring for cleaning, right?
  12. Thanks @Rob1. I thoroughly cleaned and calibrated yesterday (rubbing alcohol), problem persists. There's no setting change if I'm just spinning without beans. Before I go back to James (Niche), has anyone else got any insights? Setting: First grind Second grind
  13. Any suggestions on stopping the grind setting from slipping after a grind? I've replaced the springs, anything else I'm missing? It's not slipping much but over time it may move up a stop e.g. 10 to 11 after 3/4 grinds, but it's throwing me off sometimes. I've fitted this disc, but this happened before and after.
  14. Hi Dave. Around March last year. James sent me a new spring today.
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