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  1. Katie

    light roast blends

    There has been a bit of a drought recently with my favourite, light roast blend morning cup of Coffee . Rave does not have a new Crows nest blend online yet. I purchased a Kl of Blue mountain blend from Grind house coffee and whilst it is a reasonable substitute and with no Crows nest on Rave site yet I am needing to order again now and was wondering if any of you guys have a recommendation for a bright, light roast blend or single origin that would match up. I love the brightness and acidity of the Crows nest and I use a cafetere for filter brewing during the day at work. Any suggestions for an alternative would be fab. Previous blends of crows nest have included a 50/50 mix, lightly roasted of Kenya Kimandi AB and Honduras Clave del sol honey ----- Kenya Tinganga Estate and Guatemala Bosques de San------ - El Salvador los Pirineos and Burundi Masha. These were all light roast and a 50/50 blend of each. If anyone can advise off the back of that a substitute that would be fab Thank you and kind regards Katie
  2. Thank you all for your help. New burrs it is then
  3. My much love Porlex mini hand grinder that serves me well after a year of 4 times daily use at last seems to be losing its edge a bit. I love this wee grinder, I use it at home and it gets popped in my work bag daily, after purchasing another for my partner I realise that mine is a bit worse for ware now and takes quite a bit more grunt to get through the beans compared to the new one. It gets cleaned out once or twice a week. Can the ceramic burrs just be replaced or is there something more going on in there that means its just had it now? Thank you and kind regards Katie
  4. I have just been through my second one of these and sadly can not recommend . https://www.procook.co.uk/product/procook-double-walled-cafetiere-8-cup-1l The first one I thought might have been accidently broken by me when I was chopping food next to it, I assumed I must have caught it with a knife when I was chopping and didn't notice because the inside glass just blew leaving the inside wall smashed. I purchased a new one and was very mindful to keep good care of it, I used a metal desert spoon placed gently inside to take away excess heat before adding water from the kettle that was 60 seconds off the boil. The second one has now gone too only this time the unit was completely cool, had been used 2 hours prior. My partner was standing in the kitchen about 8ft away from it 2 hours after use and he heard what sounded like a stone being thrown at glass. With no involvement from anyone else the inner glass had broken again collapsing inwards on the plunger left at the bottom still with cold coffee grounds in. I contacted the head office and they offered to replace it but it seemed a bit pointless after this happening twice. In their decency they have replaced it with a different type but its not very good as the replacement is single glass walled and annoyingly wobbles a bit on the counter. I really like the double glass walled cafetiere as it kept the coffee that much hotter during the brewing process. I have tried out the plunging mechanism on a few other metal ones in shops but can't bare the sound of the metal on metal when you plunge so the double walled glass was perfect. I will not be purchasing another one of these but If anyone has any recommendations for other double walled glass units then please shout up Katie
  5. Thank you, I have saved that for another time
  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a extensive reply. It's much appreciated. After a bit of head scratching, tinkering and walking off to have a think and a beer my partner managed to sort out the connections into the right order using the multi meter This is the first coffee machine he has taken apart after me bagging it second hand on fb marketplace but fortunately he is quite experienced with using the multi meter (he takes apart Range Rover electrics and that is like looking inside one of those giant green BT boxes at the side of the road ) . I purchased the service kit, some new hose and steam wand and left him to it, next thing the machine is empty and he sends me a pic with all its innards all over the kitchen worksurface!! I nearly fainted He ended up completely dismantling it to clean including the pump and it appears that the pump was faulty once he had the connectors all in the right place. He ordered a new pump from amazon last night and fitted that today and now it all works perfectly. He is very impressed at just how serviceable it it, and pretty simple machine as you say. Now I just have to work out how to get the best coffee out of it. Once again, thank you for your help. Kind regards katie
  7. Here is an inside picture of what we have at the moment. Initially the pump would not work although the power light was on. My partner used his testing meter to get the pump working again but no water coming through yet. Initially it was very noisy, now it’s less noisy when not screwed down but the pump is splashing water out round the edges where it’s not seated right and no water coming through the head.
  8. Good evening. Does anyone have a front switch wiring plan for this model. Front wiring is mostly blue, one red wire, one white, two grey and a brown. thank you
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