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  1. Paid Monday, dispatched Tuesday. I dropped Paolo an email on Tuesday and he sent me the UPS tracking number a few minutes later. He’s been really responsive tbf!!
  2. Mines coming on Friday, thanks to Paolo, really great service and responsive!! Can’t wait
  3. I think I'm going to put an order in tonight, hell why not eh!!
  4. Really looking forward to learning all about it, very excited indeed....my next job is finding the perfect grinding partner
  5. Well just upgraded from my Fracino Heavenly to this little beauty (PTFE) and paid Paolo, so hope to be receiving this bad boy very soon, excited doesn't quite cover how I'm feeling. I now need to upgrade the Mahlkonig Vario and provide my new machine with an adequate partner (though I will probably be looking at a used addition in the first instance, any recommendations are most welcome. Thanks to all for their help.
  6. Thanks guys I’ll look at the Niche too.
  7. Great intro, new to coffee but excited about learning, thanks
  8. Also interested to see what’s recommended, as I’m doing something very similar.
  9. Hi, new to the forum, has dark woods been mentioned, based in West Yorks?
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