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  1. Item now sold. Admin please move to sold. Thank you.
  2. @Chrijj I am happy to accept that offer, please move to personal message.
  3. @Chrijj I am happy to accept that offer, please move to personal message.
  4. @Bairnybridge Thank you for the offer, however as my post suggests the £350 is not including the shipping fees. I could arrange delivery for around £10.00 not covered or £20.00 with full £350 coverage. As I have already decreased the price of the item by £50.00 I am unable to discount my price by another £20.00 to provide my own postage. Thank you for your offer and good luck in your search.
  5. @Bairnybridge I would be willing to accept £350, however this price does not include postage/courier fees. With regards to knowledge of the machine, as the machine has been around for over 20 years there is a wealth of information online. In fact when I first bought the machine I found and followed a 40 min video of a guy going through how to strip, what to look for and how to descale the whole unit etc. As long as your keen and willing to put in the time the machine will last forever, all parts you will ever need for maintenance are available (they even do a service kit with all the gaskets, O rings etc) If you could give me an idea of the general postcode I could get a quote for shipping however you would have to take the risk and responsibility if this was damaged in the shipping process.
  6. Thank You. I will look into it. Not much interest on here so far on the machine. Same tho. It's bed great for me.
  7. @9ail Thank you for your offer. Unfortunately I was looking for a little more then that, with the Modifications to the machine, the additional items such as the slim drip tray, Tamper, leveller and scales plus the Misc. items I was hoping / looking to get closer to the £350 mark.
  8. Bump. Update to price. Now advertising at £180
  9. Video of the timer in action. 2118214421_20210323_133308(1)(2)(1).mp4
  10. Hi All, I am clearing my collection and have for sale my Mazzer Super jolly. I bought this second hand around 2 years ago, stripped it down, and done the following mods to it: Wipe Down Mod (Heat shrink around the fins) Half the egg timer to stop the grinds clumping on the main element. Removed the hopper trigger and wiring to make way for the timer modification. Installed a timer relay to allow timer to grind for a set period, (Manual grind can still be done via the second switch position) Functionality of the timer: The timer is installed in a wooden box homemade a younger Family member, so this can be rehoused in a metal craft box if you wanted. The board has three buttons, one to move the number selection, one to increase the number and one to decrease the number. As such any number from 00.1 seconds to 99.9 seconds can be set. Once set the timer remains within the memory untill you change this value. To start the timer you simply press the silver button on the front of the box and the grinder will grind for that set time. All of this can be removed as the Mazzer has simple wiring and the schematics are readily available online. To find the time best suited to your bean and grind setting, i did a sample time then increased it slowly until it was correct. The grinders retention is low due to wipe clean, and using a pastry brush on the chamber to the grinder. Condition: The case is not in the best condition, there are paint chips on the right hand side and the left hand side has some surface scratches. The case can be painted if desired. The burrs are less then two years old, with an estimated amount of beans ground through: 25-30kg. As such the burrs have a lot of life left. Below are photos and hopefully a video of the timer in action. The grinder is located in Stafford, Near MOD Stafford. Bank transfer and collection preferred, Buyer to arrange courier if they wish. I am looking for around £180 for the grinder, however sensible offers shall be considered. Im also selling my Gaggia classic on the forums, both will make a great entry/mid level set up. Thank you for looking.
  11. After Consideration the Original Price of £400 seems a little high. Happy to change the price around the £370 Area, again offers close to asking will be considered. Cheers.
  12. For sale. Stunning 2004 Gaggia Classic Recently stripped down and cleaned. Mods Are the following: OPV set to 9 bar. @MrShades PID with user manual. Brass dispersion plate IMS shower screen. Rancilio steam wand plus original. Other items included (willing to split if required - however complete order is preferred) Slim Drip Tray from a user on the forums. Bottomless Portafilter. Blanking Disc for Black flushing. Single Basket. Double Basket. 14G VST Basket. Large Milk Jug. Small Milk Jug. Milk Thermometer. Coffee Scale with built in shot timer. Tub of Proper Backflushing Powder. Sachet of power for weak de-scaling of the boiler. Small tamping mat. Larger Cafelat Tamping mat Shot glass for under portafilter. Motta 58.4mm Competition Tamper Motta Levelling Tool. Condition: All works perfectly. Slight mark on the right side of the machine due to age etc, Tamper surface is clear apart from one or two little marks. I believe two of the screws on the rear of the PID are missing/broken. Purely cosmetic and can be replaced. The machine is located in the Stafford Area, located near MOD Stafford. Collection with bank transfer preferable, buyer can arrange courier pickup. Was hoping for offer in the region of £400 £370 for the lot, however I'm open to discussions if a fair offer is stated. I also have a modded Mazzer Superjolly for sale, will post soon.
  13. Hi all, I purchased this machine from the forums around 3 years ago, Regularly cleared, back flushed etc. It has the PID from this forum (complete with manual), Upgraded steam wand, OPV set at 9, standard and slim drip tray, copper dispersion disk and a IMS Shower screen. Bottomless portafilter, blanking basket, single, double and 15g VST basket. Also included are two stainless steel milk jugs, and one thermometer. I am happy to chuck in the proper back flushing power and some boiler cleaning powered. Small tamping mat and larger Cafelat Corner Tamping Mat. A basic set of coffee scales, 0.1g (if i remember correctly) that times the shot etc. I also have the Motta 58.4mm Tamper and Motta coffee levelling tool for sale. I can split these items if required. In my head I was estimating the following: Machine, portafilter and baskets around £300-350 Tamper around £15 ish Distributor around £15 ish All in around £350-400 Does that sound resonable?
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