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  1. Hi All, About 2 months ago i bought some Ethiopia Nuguse Mare from @Cartwheel Coffee. It was amazing! really sweet and tasted like strawberry, however they no longer seem to do it on its own. Im aware misspent youth contains Nuguse Mare but its not the same. Anyone know of any shop in the UK selling this on its own, i have looked around and found nothing. Cheers, John
  2. Hi @Set-The-Edge Don't apologise for tampering. Strip the machine and make the errors, it's the best way to learn about your machine and enjoy it. Now you know what to look for and you know your mistake, next time it will take less time, stress and will work. Someone who has never made any mistakes is the person who has never made anything else. Glad it's all working, get yourself a nice cup of coffee. Cheers, JP
  3. Hi @Set-The-Edge Sounds like a couple of things, First of all lets do the following and let me know the results: I assume you connected all the wires and tubes correctly however its work looking closely at you internal pipes for kinks or damage. Trace the pipes from the water tank into the Pump, From Pump into the 3 Way Solenoid Valve, into boiler. Ensure all connections are correctly made. I assume you have cleaned the shower screen and checked behind the shower block for scale blockages. Remove portafilter from machine. If you press all three buttons on the fr
  4. Thanks @Kannan Video 1: General Layout of components and wiring: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1cirgyiwzltopor/Mazzer Super Jolly - Wiring Example.mp4?dl=0 Video 2: Example of using the relay: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wizz2ajryr0sciq/Mazzer Super Jolly - Timer Mod - Example .mp4?dl=0 I will look to make a tutorial for this mod once i have time, Point to note/points to improve: Looking to put the timer and button into a wooden box/project box . I used 1.5mm 4 core cable to wire to the timer unit, I am going to measure the current during max load and see
  5. Hey all. Quick update on the timer. It's in and working going to upload two initial videos and then do a guide when I have time. --------------------------------- Edit: This is not possible, As my video is around 2 mins long. When compressed to the size limit for this website the video is useless due to quality.
  6. Today my order arrived from China, opened up to find my cheap solution to making my mazzer grind to 0.1 accuracy. Unfortunately i will only have tonight to tinker as I'm busy all weekend.
  7. Hi @smith.james0 There are a few things to cover here: Back flushing: If you want to keep the machine in good working condition back flushing is a must. Backflushing an espresso machine involves forcing fresh water and cleaning detergent behind the shower screen and through the exhaust valve cleaning and removing built up coffee oil. To do this we use a "blind" basket sometimes called a Back flush Disk. Within this disk we place a small amount of product: CAFIZA ESPRESSO MACHINE CLEANING POWDER. To force the water back through the group head and through the internals.
  8. This morning I tired out the new delivery. Cartwheel Coffee - ETHIOPIA NUGUSE MARE 15 Grams in - 46 Grams Out in 31 Seconds - Thought i would give their recommended 1:3 ratio a try. Really nice Coffee, sweet tones with a touch of strawberry.
  9. Thanks @Rob1 & @MWJB. So realistically I am looking to grind slightly coarser in order to reach the 1:2.5 / 1:3 Ratio. The beans have arrived today so I will let you know the results tomorrow =D Thanks, JP
  10. Item now sold. Please move.
  11. Hi All, Just ordered some coffee from Cartwheel Coffee and they come with a suggested ratio on the back. I am using the beans to make espresso, as such normally I would look for 1:2 Ratio in around 27-30 seconds. However on the back of the pack some state 1:2.5 / 1:3. What time frame am I looking for the shot to be pulled within? I was going to say 1:2 in 30 seconds therefor 1:3 should be around 45 seconds however the shot profile is not linear. I suspect the shot will take around 37-40 however I have not experimented with this. If anyone has examples of what t
  12. @Bricc No problem at all, Welcome to the Forum and Enjoy the Coffee. The Gaggia is a great machine that will last you many many years. If you have any problems there are many people who use them / know of them, and there is a lot of info on here. Have a great day. JP
  13. @Bricc The descaler product you selected looks suitable so that's fine. A brass plug is an interesting way to do the back flush, if you are going to keep this machine for a long time it may be worth picking up a blanking portafilter disk, these are shallower and allow the cleaning Solution to be "sucked" up back into the machine internals to clean the coffee residue. They are quite cheap About £2. The model looks like a standard Gaggia Classic, as such 8.5 would be fine. Wand is simple, one nut removal then one nut back on. The OPV adjustment is mechanical correct,
  14. Hi @Bricc Few things to cover here: Descaling: Gaggia do their own version of a Descale product called: Gaggia Descaler Decalcifier However as you will find this is very expensive for the amount. I use a cheaper product called: citric acid powder This is a powder you mix with water for general decaling applications, I have found this not to affect the aluminium boiler within the machine. Back flushing: If you want to keep the machine in good working condition back flushing is a must. Backflushing an espresso machine involves forcing fresh water and cle
  15. @BlackCatCoffee @Mudlark13 Today I got my slim gaggia classic drip tray from a fellow user. Again another thanks to Black Cat for prompt deliver and sourcing items they do no stock. Can't wait to try it all out tommrow.
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