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  1. Hi All, I have recently acquired a Sage Smart Grinder Pro. I dialed it in to give me 14g of ground espresso, to give 28-30 grams of liquid espresso in 25-27 seconds. I am aware that all grinders will not be the same however I saw a video by seattle coffee claiming that the setting should be I think it was around 8 on the machine. I'm currently at setting 3/4 depending on the bean used, with the internal burr set to 5. Is it worth adjusting the internal burr to decrease the grind setting? This is my first proper grinder and don't want to damage it / excessively wear the machine out. Any help would be great. Thank You. John
  2. OP, What was it set to before you adjusted it to 4? Im currently grinding at 3-4 depending on the Bean with a internal bur setting of 5.
  3. Hi All, New Solid State Relay arrived yesterday, quick fit with some new thermal paste (has some already as I have built some PCs in my time) Boom, steam up and running. Made a nice latte and enjoyed the evening. Cheers All
  4. Hi All, After some electrical inspection with the aid of my multimeter and the Schematic i have come to conclusion my Solid State Relay Controlling the Steam has failed. After putting a test link wire across the relay it has confirmed my suspitions. Also Big thanks to @MrShades for a promt responce, he also came to the same conclusion without even seeing the machine. Time for a replacement relay. Cheers all.
  5. Hi All, Recently purchased a Gaggia Classic With mr Shades PID from a Forum member and all is great. I have been using it for around a week now with no problems. Just gone to make a latte, Poured a nice shot, flicked the steam button looked at the PID controller no change in temperature. I have taken off the top lid, tested the back right SSR (labeled Steam) on pins 3 -4 (input) there is no voltage when the steam button is OFF, 230Vac When Switch is ON. Any ideas why this thing is not goign to the 137 Degrees it should do?
  6. Hi, We purchased the property with the Counter Top already installed. However I find wood "Warmer" then the slate or stone counters. Its relativly cheap, and if required you can re-plane or sand the surface and treat to make pretty much brand new. @Farravi
  7. They are 0.1 Accurate, However im looking for a very small cheap set that will go n my drip try and glass. Anyone have any esperance with them small pocket scales?
  8. @Liasis Thank you for a Smooth Purchase. I have now taken ownership of the grinder and I am very happy with it. Mods Please Move this to Sold, Thank Yiou.
  9. Hey All, After this mornings events of driving up and down the motorway to perform a smooth exchange from a fellow forum member. I now have a grinder! Spent the last half an hour running beans through trying to get the correct grind setting and weight. Job Complete! I think i have now "finsihed" my first set up. Time to play around and learn from it. Thank you for all the help! Below are some images of Coffee Corner =D John Edit - Spelling
  10. It would be Tommrow Morning. Would it be possible to meet at 9? That way I should be able to get back on the motorway and home before midday? If so I am happy to agree to 100 Pound and can move to PM to exchance numbers etc.
  11. @Liasis. Is the machine in fully working order, or any damage? What would be the earliest you could be at the location?
  12. Would you be prepared to drive to Kelmarsh? I belive there is a church car park there? Also I assume the machine is fully working, no damage etc?
  13. Hey All, Purchased my first machine last weekend from a member on this forum. So far I love it! Machine is really easy to use, bottomless portfilter allows me to see all my mistakes (I have made a lot of mistakes) Looking to buy a grinder (Sage Smart Pro) off another member on here. Thank you all for helping in my journey. Cheers, John
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