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  1. Sirmol


    Thought that might be the case - cheers
  2. Sirmol


    Anyone found a good bottomless portafilta for the barista express?
  3. I have not found myself leaning towards anything really - i do seem to prefer the slightly darker roasts though.
  4. Hey all I have recently been through a few Rave beans and I am currently going through CC Jampit. I really like the Jampit and before ordering more I was just wondering if there are any more recommendations from CC or other companies to try. Quite like trying new. Mainly drinking with milk at the moment but do drink black and espresso on occasions. Thanks
  5. Yes ditto - I've had my BE for a few weeks now and I'm so pleased I went this route.
  6. Huge thanks to all - especially MrBoots and Howard, I was grinding the wrong way on my machine.... So finished tonight with 18g in 36g out in around 28 seconds with Grind setting of 5 - sour notes little to none, didn't try it with milk yet as i don't think it sleep tonight drinking it this late but really pleased with where tonight started and finished! Thanks again all.
  7. Cheers - will give it a go.
  8. Thanks for this,; So If i manually pulled the shot with 18g going in and stopped around 35g and attempted to get the shot time to what?
  9. That set up looks lovely! Enjoy!
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