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  1. Is there any movement on that price? I only ask because for £20 more I can have a brand new one delivered in March with a warranty. Thank you in advance. Nick
  2. Hi just wondered if you have you sold this grinder?
  3. Thanks so much. I’ll have a look at the Niche and the Mazzer models.
  4. Hi Rob Thank you for replying. I appreciate any advice. Budget - I’d say hopefully sub £400 but there’s a little flex for the right machine. Yes espresso focused definitely. Niche - I’ve never heard of these before, they certainly look nice and smart. Sage - I’m not the biggest fan of my Barista Express, mediocre results are all I get from it, I believe the grinder to be the weak point so would the stand alone grinder be of much better build? As for e37s / Mazzer I don’t know how to differentiate and figure out which one to spend my money on.
  5. Should say I would like a timer - on demand type rather than a foster type.
  6. Hi all. Looking to buy a first decent grinder for my home. Budget is flexible for the right tool. Thinking Mazzer Mini / Eureka Mignon size as counter space is at a premium. I want to invest in something that will serve me for a long time. Buying it to use initially with my Sage Barista Express, as I feel the grinder on it is the weak point and then I will be upgrading this in the future also. Any / all advice gratefully received.
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