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  1. Great thanks guys for your response. I may try the Australian Breville forum. John, I got the replacement 3 way valve here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/253051552714 I did check for blockages, took pipes off and immersed in vinegar to ensure clear of scale, I thought I'd caught them all but will double check. Looks like pump maybe the next stop. When you say people replace with an Ulka, is that because that pump is more durable/better or just because it is what is available? Also, what does the second solenoid valve (the single/two way one) - what is that controlled by? How do I know if it is that one at fault? Finally, the solenoids have a hex on the top of the brass valve body which looks like they should be dis-assembleable - and you say people usually dismantle and clean to cure that rattle. Does that imply that the hex can be undone - it looked and felt extremely tight and I didn't want to risk breaking. It's not an LH thread or anything crazy?
  2. Hi can anybody help me diagnose what's wrong with my Sage BE, which has worked fine up to now, but ceases to deliver any shots now. I ran a cleaning cycle as the light came on, and also descaled with white vinegar After that I have a rattly solenoid noise, and the shower head delivers a tiny, minuscule shot after about 30 seconds, if at all. The gauge shows zero I took the plunge, and thinking it was the 3 way valve, have replaced that, with no improvement I have removed the showerhead screen and cleaned it, it had usual levels of coffee residue (I would judge) and has cleaned up OK With the showerhead off, running a double shot programme on the button results again in a tiny amount of water being delivered, in a very spluttery way. Again gauge is zero (which I'd expect in this case as no back pressure from the basket) Switching to hot water, also results in tiny delivery of "spluttery" water Steam wand also does not deliver, despite the usual "pumping" noise Is this the pump failing? Or the other solenoid valve? Or something else? Thanks in advance for any help
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